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Quote: Originally Posted by James Bond My theory on this movie is that Eastwood is that way in real life and no one told him they were filming a movie. Liked the movie alright enough but would not recommend it to anybody. As for my man Clint, did anybody catch an interview a few years back where the journalist tried asking him about his many kids? Clint's face just switched on the poor fool and over the next minute I witnessed the most...
I am a Quentin Tarantino fan and enjoy almost all of his work! From Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill to Death Proof - then again pretty women that know how to drive and kick ass turn me on. I wouldn't say the greatest of all time but certainly an elite filmmaker in my books. Now straying away from the typical defense you were expecting I also agree with all your criticisms above. The movies are not for everybody and have plenty of unrealistic/boring shit you can pick on -...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Lattanzi x Asprey City Boot I... am... in... Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Purty, aren't they. They are a tad bit narrow on me so I am still debating whether I should wear them in or sell them. Have you considered foot surgery? I think it would be the smartest option. I'm off to Asprey first thing tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers Oh yeah? and in case you need instruction ... I was trying to come up with different phrasing before clicking on submit but decided to go ahead and become the easy target.
The shoulder measurement of 19" on the Oxxford 40S is throwing me off. Is that straight seam to seam?
Looks like a fine coat. Can the sleeves be shortened by 1.5"? I don't know much about altering surgeon cuffs...
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Yeah, I'm somewhere in between 17-18", I have a VERY small frame. +1 Too bad we can't build bone like we can muscle...
Not looking forward to winter, I would be a happy penguin in one of those Kiton shearlings. Is it available in both charcoal and brown? And what's the damage like?
Never wanted to be in Boston so bad.
What a sensational sartorial orgy! I'm going for broke hereā€¦
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