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Checked out this coat at my local RL store and it is a great lifetime piece. I would have already paypaled apropos his asking price if I hadn't blown through my clothing budget for the year.
You weren't kidding about the BIIIG pictures! I can see every stitch. Could you provide measurements please?
PM sent!
PM sent on Zegna cashmere-cotton shirt
How tough is it to remove chalk? Quote: Originally Posted by leon12 The 40R has a bit of tailor's chalk on the sleeves.
pm sent on t-shirt
PM sent on #1
For my UK 7.5 shoes I use size L SWIMS so I would say XL SWIMS could probably fit well on shoes as small as US 10. Great product. Just my guess for people out there considering fit.
^ PM sent on wraparounds
Interested in 40R if double vents, sleeves basted or <25", surgeon cuffs. Am I too picky? Perhaps.
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