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Interested in 40R if double vents, sleeves basted or <25", surgeon cuffs. Am I too picky? Perhaps.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Woah! I find this extraordinary - muted, selective, different... Who's this Dapper Dan?
Quote: Originally Posted by leon12 The 40R version of this jacket I'm keeping for myself fits perfectly. Not sure how that tidbit makes me feel: Congrats on a sweet jacket! Curses on your sartorial jackpot!
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel measurements coming in 15-20 minutes Ed's watch sure does run sloooow...
I would bite if I had experience with the fit. I take a CJ in UK7.5E on the 348 last. Don't know how it would compare to this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer Wow, find me a 40R and I'll take it. Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 I'd eat this alive in a 40R God damn 40R popularity! Couldn't find much left in my size during the post-xmas sales but maybe that's a good thing...
The fit looks close to perfect on you. What are your chest, shoulder, and waist measurements to help me gauge fit?
"fuck me like I'm Al Qaeda!" "I'm declaring Jihad on your pussy!"
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I think ultimately you should watch a movie, that not only deals with an inspirational message of "life after 30" but also realizing that dealing with the loss of a job, and the search for a new life can be the catalyst for great changes. So ultimately - this is what I think you should watch. Just watched it tonight. I couldn't stop laughing after the intro text came on screen. Eliminating/renewing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher Blackstar - Thieves in the Night I've heard this song about 50 times and still dont understand it. Existentialist discussion on materialism vs substance??? Quote: Originally Posted by oceans11 I'm partial to Sparkle but I swear their subliminal is too hard for me to follow! I must be just getting to old or something! Yea Sparkle is a fly joint. I can't decipher most...
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