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How tough is it to remove chalk? Quote: Originally Posted by leon12 The 40R has a bit of tailor's chalk on the sleeves.
pm sent on t-shirt
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For my UK 7.5 shoes I use size L SWIMS so I would say XL SWIMS could probably fit well on shoes as small as US 10. Great product. Just my guess for people out there considering fit. http://www.swimsstore.com/products.aspx?cId=66
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Interested in 40R if double vents, sleeves basted or <25", surgeon cuffs. Am I too picky? Perhaps.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Woah! I find this extraordinary - muted, selective, different... Who's this Dapper Dan?
Quote: Originally Posted by leon12 The 40R version of this jacket I'm keeping for myself fits perfectly. Not sure how that tidbit makes me feel: Congrats on a sweet jacket! Curses on your sartorial jackpot!
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel measurements coming in 15-20 minutes Ed's watch sure does run sloooow...
I would bite if I had experience with the fit. I take a CJ in UK7.5E on the 348 last. Don't know how it would compare to this one.
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