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Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Wow, those Berlutti's are really ugly... I must concur. However I also find them oddly attractive and think they would be one of my favourite pairs. A lovely specimen of jolie-laide. Check them out in action:
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos ...you hedge against not knowing which way the marble will fall. Words to live by.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Ditto on smaller sizes...nice stuff +1 Burnt orange is looking good.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Peal & Co for BB Suede Chukkas on the whogivesashit last in a "mink suede". My favorite last.
Jobs let himself go. Sartorialy speaking. But my MacBook Pro sure is purdy.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger If it were about an inch bigger, I'd be keeping it...the details are sweet on it. +1 in all senses.
I'm tempted simply because it wouldn't involve a risky expensive border crossing. On a side note, that tweed fabric looks very similar to one I saw at a local (Montreal) tailor last week. So a purchaser may be able to get matching pants done. As the seller mentioned it is a super-tweedy texture.
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia The problem isn't Royal Mail (good) or Canada Post (average), it's the bunglers at Canada Customs. A disgrace of a tax grab. +100 It gets worse if you use something like UPS. This morning I was just charged brokerage and duties of 38% !!! Painful exaction
Why do they look so blue in the first two pics and then black in the last two???
I'm searching for the same. The slush up here is really killer on nice footwear. I'm leaning towards some Red Wing GTs in Cigar or Black Cherry. Would love to find more alternatives.
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