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Lovely shirt patterns! The ones I love sold out quick. Any chance you can get those grey flannel pants in sz 32-34"?
Don't mean to hi-jack, but I got the same one in navy expecting a 38" chest. This sizing must be a joke.
What shade are these? I'm having difficulty telling on my monitor.
No. You. Didn't. What on God's green Earth are you getting instead of this beauty?
Quote: Originally Posted by th0rbahn AHH JESUS FINALLY SOMEONE IS SELLING BLACK NEW STANDARDS IN 31 AND they're fucking gone +100
Great pants from a great seller. What weights are pairs 30 and 34?
PM sent. Need that BC to be one inch shorter!
Tried PM'ing you about the 'Polo Ralph Lauren - Made in Italy, 39R' but the system told me you've got no more space for PMs. Please get back to me.
New Posts  All Forums: