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Quote: Originally Posted by phong Yummy
Lovin my CP Summers
I love navy and grey with tan shoes. I do prefer mid-shades over dark. A belt in a darker shade of the shoe colour is usually a safe bet.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField I laugh at all the Lebron hate. People rag on him for lacking a championship... I have seen Lebron James play in person about 20 times in various cities. He has the ability to completely take over a game... When people question his "drive" or "leadership" I honestly have to wonder wtf they are talking about. Do you know Lebron or something? I am not a LeBron fan simply because I don't like his style of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 They have become very good a mining user information. Data mining is where the money is at these days.
Yeah, I really hate how this coat seems perfect for me. You should just give up on it and move 'on to the next one'. Don't forget to PM me the deets on where to kop! Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Hate on this please, so that I'll realize the error of my ways. The pockets seem a little too far off to the side, which might be annoying, Wish I could see how the lapels roll, fucking ebay sellers always button every button!
I'll take a pack of grey. Assuming you have more than one pack of them...
The first BC coat is lovely and I considered buying it too. The pockets do look busy but I still think it looks good. I've had coats with the hand warmer pockets placed similarly high up and found it to more comfortable than most other pockets - although mine were slightly slanted rather than vertical and a touch lower I think. If you do commission it then please do keep us posted. It would be great to see how it turns out.
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