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Quote: Originally Posted by otc I tend not to notice egg farts. Lately I have noticed banana farts though. How the eff do your farts smell like bananas so soon after eating a banana? You can't be serious. Now I'm just too curious not to try this out.
Sly looks surreal. My wardrobe is a powerful motivation tool that ensures I don't slack off in my workouts or eating habits. I would rather be dead than reassemble a suitable wardrobe because I gained weight. Am I the only one? Of course, the pic above is prompting me to look into HGH.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 As soon as you think you've used enough lube, use more... This is crucial for first time anal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Do it now, as the longer you progress in the life, the harder it will be to step away from it. Agreed. You better find out, in advance, what sort of work you can score at your destination.
Quote: Originally Posted by phong Yummy
Lovin my CP Summers
I love navy and grey with tan shoes. I do prefer mid-shades over dark. A belt in a darker shade of the shoe colour is usually a safe bet.
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