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^^^^ TTO you carry off the Fez really well.
I had that happen with a pair of Ferragamo and Peal & Co suede shoes when I tried to protect them with Swim overshoes in foul Minnesota weather. I have not worn Swims with suede shoes since.
I don't know how good a conditioner or a cleaner renovator is or what other better products for conditioning or cleaning are out there. But I have been using it on my shoes for a few years without any adverse effects. I have also recently started using GlennKaren cleaner /conditioner. I think GK is a good conditioner but a stronger cleaner compared to renovator. I base this simply on how much polish comes off when applying the GK product vs Renovator. With Renovator it...
^^^ if these EGs are the burnt pine color then use Saphir's medium brown color. For my shoes in burnt pine, I have found it to be the closest match.
What about wearing banker's stripe suits? Are they only appropriate for bankers? And any other fabric pattern inappropriate for a banker's suit?
^^^^ These black shell Harrisons are gorgeous. Would be nice to see photos after some wear.
congrats NOBD! I am close to completing 5 years of being smoke free. One of my smartest moves.
I'd like to know this too.
I am glad I bought 4 bottles of Creme Nubina some years ago when Franco carried it.
I find the 184 last to be true to size. It is a comfortably snug fit for me. I think it the best last on which EG makes loafers. In comparison I find 101 last which is used for the RLPL Barksdale has an extremely low instep and it took a long time for me to break in he shoe. Last 909 on which RLPL Javant loafers are made is relatively longer; somewhat similar to the 82 last.
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