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That is a masterpiece!
I just placed my order for the Galways.
Are you referring to the stock line Galways?
I am also in for stock Galways refill order.
I am in for Galways in the stock line make up with dainite soles.
I'd be in for this too. What type of sole?
What would be the price of this GMTO?
These are full grain calf skin shoes. And just regular finish.Other than just giving the shoe time to dry from the application of Renomat and Glen Karen cleaner is there anything else I should be doing?Thanks to all the posters who have shared their insights.
I have been using saphir mdo cream polish and mdo wax.
^^ PB: Right now I can't even get a basic shine on the shoe. The shoe feels really greasy. Mirror shine is long ways to go.
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