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A 7.5D may get thee a sale. Or is it a 7? ...or an 8? I hate how inconsistent some shoe sizes get.
You don't need to go MTM for this. Their tailor should be able to shorten the jacket. They did for me with my rtw TFs.I don't think Zegna MTM is 2.5k-4k. That's how much their rtw Couture line (who constructs the TF suits) already costs. TF rtw will be about a few hundred more to a grand on average.If you mean "formal" as in true "formal" you want a tuxedo, I think. Otherwise, navy or charcoal will be fine and will look great for evenings.
Stop exaggerating. We also have some salad shops...
Spoo, are you selling your owner's manual? You're gonna need that. Truth be told, I expected that thing to be something like...leatherbound.
I live a little uptown so the only thing that's going to suck about this is I'm going to have to endure the 6, but do expect me on a Saturday likely. I'll be interested to see Kent Wang's pocket squares.
Booze? If there's scotch, I'll be very happy. Looks like no need to RSVP.
It was, indeed.
Cross-post from the watch appreciation thread. Sorry for the bad quality, Baroque lighting, and close crop. Next time I wear this suit of armor, I'll be sure to get full and detailed shots.
I would go for the classic grey suit then. Versatility would be the thing to go with and you have your blue suit. Now for the grey. Congrats if you decide to get it. You'll be happy with either decision you make.One thing to note, KNOW how a good suit fits. When I went to get my suit fitted, the tailor knew exactly what to do. That first fitting, he just came up and took his measurements. Awesome.On that second one, now you need your eyes. The ankles may be too baggy, the...
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