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i've accepted the croppedness (word?) of my Schott perfecto. Motorcycle jackets are short by design. I have the 618, the original perfecto, and it's only like 23.5' from collar to bottom.
sup kix/scott. Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - Get of my lawn & clean your room.. Just saying lol. some kid on hypebeast called me a terrorist, but that's why I like styleforum, cause you guys are classy. nice forearms, no homo. Quote: Originally Posted by jaac sup billy, your blogs the shit. nice fit. and bed(10). appreciate it (0), unless that 10 went across the board...
should start posting here more. sup guys.
sorry i didn't reply sooner. edited first post.
lol Measurements -- Pit to Pit - 19.5-20 in Shoulder to Shoulder - 18in Sleeve Length (from top of shoulder) 24in -- sleeves are curved though so it was hard for me to get accurate measurement. i just went straight across note - i suck at measuring clothes haha. if anyone wants to pm and tell me exactly what to do i don't mind. just hit me up. Condition - Person on ebay I bought from said it was new, he just tried it on and it didn't fit. I wore it only like...
ok will do.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i think i have more posts than you on here perhaps. wanna come by next week? we are slow as shit. yea but i got OG join date noob. lol yea sure that would be great. just tell me which day.
lol ya.
i passed cotton duck & sidney lo in rep points so they broke the hard drive
is this where we go?
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