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pm'd you.
In two hours we up the sale to 35% off.
forwarding to our tech team now.sorry about that guys.
Thanks for the order!Hopefully you're in the first 20 so you get the corter leather field notes cover.PM me your name...I can check monday for you.
sup. starting tonight @ midnight We're doing 25% off (sorry no 50% code yet lol) site wide including sales and collabs over at Boylston Trading for Black Friday. Free shipping worldwide. Enter BLACKFRIDAY12 @ checkout. First 20 orders starting @ midnight with a value of $250 or more will receive a Corter Leather x BTC Field Notes Cover.
Hey guys. Dropping in to let you guys know we're offering free shipping on ALL orders. Whatever the price, anywhere in the world. Not sure how long we're doing this, but I'll update here accordingly. If I didn't say before, I'm the art director @ boylston trading. But feel free to PM me with ANY concerns. Measurements / problems / returns / whatever. Thanks guys.
hey need to thank me.i'm just sorry i didn't post here sooner.i bleed sufu.anyway i wanna extend this to you guys as well.code is up indefinitely.dunno when we're gonna take it down, but it's still active.if you ordered during the downtime just e-mail us and we'll adjust.code: sufufam15thanks again guys.
extra 15% off site wide on boylston trading co. includes sale items and collabs. ends tonight at midnight code: sufufam15
almost half off common projects here —
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