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first ma1 in goretex. that was actually my jacket as well. funny thing, at that time the jacket took a very long time to make (around 8months or something like that). in contrast, that would be lightning speeds now.
julius released the 5 pocket moto under the _7 line in their s/s11 collection as well. iirc, it is a little nicer than the ma reiteration, in particular the leather. though if you can find one, the og from 06 is where it's at.
no for me. skinny cut is just that. for skinny legs.
remove the cinches as well. and personally, the shoulder gussets.
^damn. seller must be crying.
^i asked the same thing last year and they said it was 25000/20000. but that was for last seasons shells.
just over my lounging around clothes . but i quite like the shirt length in contrast to the jacket. it is a little emphasised though due to the angle i took the shot at.should be 21.4? haven't properly measured it.
a little cooler today, so here's a fit pic. 135lbs 5'9, wearing 46 +0.3" sleeve length. calf. bemberg. excella silver.
with time going by so quickly, 6+ months wait will go by in the blink of an eye. the last leg is probably the worse. i was feeling really antsy near the end of christmas, mainly because i had nothing else better to do than to fart around. admittedly this is my 3843290 toj piece, so i'm use to the wait.
alright, here's a better pic. fit pic another day. too hot atm. sz 46 (sleeve length +0.3" lol). calf. bemberg. excella silver.
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