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for me, the sleeve zips on my old toj dr's did get annoying over time with them banging on tables. but it looks like charly/dan has moved them to the front or to the side on their jackets?
^just comes down to personal preference. i prefer them sitting at or above the belt line.
would have kept the 4 pocket as well. owning 4 leather jackets isn't too excessive right?
are the ps slightly roomier above the knee than the nc? my 28 nc (very well worn) is pretty much skin tight and i would like just a little more room above the knee. not sure if i should go for 28 or 29 in the ps. in hindsight, if i was to get another pair of nc, it would have to be 29. not interested in the pns.
^saint laurent makes one.
can someone with a sz41 chelsea boot do me a favour and measure the outsole length and width at the widest point for me please, preferably in cm?
own one from 06 and one from 10. both are well made, and with the time gap between the 2, i guess you could say consistent? they are both eu46 and fit true to size. the cut on both are slightly boxier, which i guess is quite faithful to diors silhouette, minus the smaller sizes (eu44 and less) which are supposedly cut more slim.
ironing question. when i iron my dress shirts, most of the wrinkles are flatten nice and crisp during ironing. but the problem is after a day or so, micro wrinkles start to form. this happens to white and light coloured cotton dress shirts. i suspect my dark coloured shirts does this as well, but just able to hide it better because of the darker colour. anyone got some tips?
this guy is 5'5 and wearing a 44 i think. length looks ok. http://wear.jp/happyman/coordinate/2448335/
any comments on the trench? is there some heft to the cotton? also how's the fit? measurements look pretty big even for a XS.
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