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ironing question. when i iron my dress shirts, most of the wrinkles are flatten nice and crisp during ironing. but the problem is after a day or so, micro wrinkles start to form. this happens to white and light coloured cotton dress shirts. i suspect my dark coloured shirts does this as well, but just able to hide it better because of the darker colour. anyone got some tips?
this guy is 5'5 and wearing a 44 i think. length looks ok. http://wear.jp/happyman/coordinate/2448335/
any comments on the trench? is there some heft to the cotton? also how's the fit? measurements look pretty big even for a XS.
does the current spreadsheet show usernames of people who have ordered? reason i'm asking is that i'm going to be selling my DR and would like to give a discounted price for all the people who have had problems. it'd be nice to have something to refer to rather than aiming blind. the list is private viewing now right? if someone can pm me to it that would be great.
i thought it was strange for them to tighten what was already a close shoulder fit on the junya. it does look like my arms are ready to explode out of the sleeves lol. but it really is not that bad. feels similar to wearing ro leathers, where the shoulders are tight, armholes are high, and chest close to the skin albeit less extreme. i could have went with a medium and probably be content with it as well. it just shows you how versatile the sizes are and that you don't...
this is a size s/m. i'm approx 135lbs, 5'9. wear eu46 in most jackets. i agree with people who suggested to size up 1. collar gap is there but exaggerated in photos imo. i personally like it myself. think of it as a wide neck shirt. you can show off your nice collar bones . but if you're really anal about it, it will drive you mad. it's about the same thickness as the calf used in toj jackets. difference is the texture. toj has a finer finish, which to some may feel more...
first ma1 in goretex. that was actually my jacket as well. funny thing, at that time the jacket took a very long time to make (around 8months or something like that). in contrast, that would be lightning speeds now.
julius released the 5 pocket moto under the _7 line in their s/s11 collection as well. iirc, it is a little nicer than the ma reiteration, in particular the leather. though if you can find one, the og from 06 is where it's at.
no for me. skinny cut is just that. for skinny legs.
remove the cinches as well. and personally, the shoulder gussets.
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