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no for me. skinny cut is just that. for skinny legs.
remove the cinches as well. and personally, the shoulder gussets.
^damn. seller must be crying.
^i asked the same thing last year and they said it was 25000/20000. but that was for last seasons shells.
just over my lounging around clothes . but i quite like the shirt length in contrast to the jacket. it is a little emphasised though due to the angle i took the shot at.should be 21.4? haven't properly measured it.
a little cooler today, so here's a fit pic. 135lbs 5'9, wearing 46 +0.3" sleeve length. calf. bemberg. excella silver.
with time going by so quickly, 6+ months wait will go by in the blink of an eye. the last leg is probably the worse. i was feeling really antsy near the end of christmas, mainly because i had nothing else better to do than to fart around. admittedly this is my 3843290 toj piece, so i'm use to the wait.
alright, here's a better pic. fit pic another day. too hot atm. sz 46 (sleeve length +0.3" lol). calf. bemberg. excella silver.
wanted to wait until i take a fit pic, but i'm just too excited . ordered 18th june. forgotten how good the leather smells.
when in doubt, just look at fungz0r's dr. the aging on that lamb is super nice.
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