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i hope it works for you. it really does suck. from my experience, it's the lining that really holds the odour. the leather is more flexible in being aired out. but even then, it's best to nuke the damn jacket :P.
dry cleaning being the only solution for smoke odour removal for me as well. and if you have a sensitive nose, it doesnt completely get rid of it. but enough to be of a significant improvement. it's a bit of a lose lose situation for me as well because the leather ends up really dry after a dry clean. even after a condition, it's never really the same again. you can hand wash it with a light detergent at home as well. i imagine the leather used in sl jackets are quite...
if you're not familiar with the high position, then yes. but you'll get use to it.
yeah. too much effort to return it or sell it.just on the ma1/bomber design itself in black (disregarding features and fit), uniqlo, alpha industries, h&m, asos and all them could be cheaper alternatives.
received my black bogota bomber in a small and like hannie2, i feel it's a little snug as well (i'm 5'9 135lbs). i made my decision based on the measurements and was convinced it would fit a little larger. ah well, it's still wearable. as for the overall feel of the jacket, i'm a little underwhelmed. i was expecting insulation to be a little more substantial and the nylon shell to be shinier and smoother. i can't judge whether price is justified since there are jackets...
thinking of getting the idlf collab trench. i know its a womens piece, but it looks pretty good in the pics. is the quality and feel like the usual uniqlo outerwear, that is not very good?
is the ct extra slim fit equivalent to kamakura's tokyo slim and tm lewins fitted range?
anyone who owns combat boots (or hightops in smooth leather), do you guys get major squeaks from the tongue/lace area where the leather is rubbing against each other? my boots aren't totally worn down, but has had a good year of solid wear. i still get the same squeaks from day one. i've tried rubbing mink oil, boot oil, and although those do work, squeak free only lasts for about 10 minutes. i'm starting to get pretty annoyed with these boots and considering just throwing...
^they have a credit card sized box in the sizing chart for you to refer to make sure the print out is sized right. mine wasn't perfect, but only a couple mm off. can't help you out with the SL boots comparison as i've never even touched a pair.
^could the print out be out of allignment? i'm a us8 in kiefers and authentics, us7.5 in redwings. anything larger in the equivalent number sizing for story et fall would be on the large side or too large. this is referring to the chelsea boots. not sure of the other boots.
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