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I think you are arguing that those who do not place a premium on luxury can save some money. Well... duh? Of course that's true. No one needs a luxurious suit or shoes or underwear. These are all choices. Some want the best of everything and want to pay for it. Others avoid luxury in any form because they perceive it to be a waste of their money. Most exist somewhere between these two extremes, and pick and choose where to enjoy our small luxuries and where not...
What I have learned (and admittedly I am still learning) is that construction quality matters, but is very hard to ascertain. I have noticed that both here and on other similar sites there are strong personalities with considerable information, but even they end up having to fall back on brand ("buy Italian!") or price ("if the cashmere is under $300 it's junk") because were an article of clothing to be put before them sans brand and price tag, they would struggle to...
See, I'm not sure I agree. A pound of hamburger... but we're not talking about hamburgers here. Please see the original post: I recognize that the JC Penney shirting is going to have tiny material costs, but for some of the clothing discussed on this site, the material cost is quite significant. I first got to thinking of this when buying shell cordovan shoes. For many makes, they are significantly costlier (given the same design) for the upgrade to shell and unless...
What is the typical circumference of one's hip bones or rib cage? I definitely have some weight I need to lose, so I won't make any bones (haha) about that. However I sometimes wonder whether my skeleton would fit into some of these smaller sizes!
Although I do my own ironing out of necessity (local launderers have destroyed too many shirts of mine) I don't particularly care for the effort. It takes me at least 15 minutes per shirt; I try to do it in front of the TV so the time does go fast, but it's still painful because many of my shirts just don't cooperate. Wrinkles don't iron out easily, or they come back quickly; I have to re-press some parts; some parts do not lay flat easily on the iron board, and so...
I typically pick the the pants first since I have fewer of them, then I pick shoes based on weather and what works with the pants and what I'll be doing, then everything else in no particular order to match the pants and shoes.
Glenjay, that was an excellent post.
To clarify, my original question was focused on RTW, where size S is typically sold for the same price as size XXL.
I see them in the print catalog but last I checked they were not listed online. The NYC store all but suggested that they would not be able to get ahold of them.
OK, I kind of set myself up for that.
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