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Got it, I misunderstood.
Interesting, the handgrades direct from C&J include trees but those bought at the stores do not? (I know the NYC store didn't offer them with the shoes...)
Wow, that's a breathtaking price for a piece of off-white linen?
Haha, wait till you meet some of the crazier coin collectors. (Oh wait, I'm one of them...)
To clarify, I am referring to what I can only assume are fabric differences, given all other things being equal. FWIW, I do use a pretty heavy iron and a fairly nice board, and typically iron shirts damp. But regardless of whether I iron them damp with steam, or dry with no steam, or anything in the middle, I notice that certain shirts always smooth out much more quickly than others. I suspect the thin cotton in 2-ply irons the best, but it's hard to be sure not always...
I have some info - my local store told me this evening that my Daltons were in final stage of construction and are due the 22nd or 23rd. Cutting it close....
Define member... someone who actively posts? Someone with a registered account? Someone lurking as a guest?
Then so has this forum, which is replete with statements about well-made clothing being expensive because they use "higher quality materials." But now these higher quality materials aren't really a factor in the cost? Which is it? When someone here says you have to pay a minimum $400 to get a good quality cashmere sweater, and how the $100 sweater will pill horribly, are they talking about the seams being the cause of the pilling? The label? The bag it shipped in? Or...
For a JC Penney sweater? A dollar or two.For one of the highly sought after SF-approved Italian sweaters? Potentially $100 or more.
Well, I noticed that just about everyone making shell cordovan footwear also sell shell cordovan belts, whose tabs presumably are cut from leftover shell used to make smaller shoes. (That said, your point is well taken.)
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