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Thanks for the information. I'm a bit concerned about mine. The soles are actually different, one of mine is thicker than the other: Also, the tongues on both shoes are pretty curled up and scuffed. This is new, out of the box, not worn, although granted this wouldn't keep me up at night since this is covered up by the pants, but still: The edges lips aren't painted the same; black on one shoe, brown or unpainted on another; I can fix this easily enough but it...
The pictures would have me in around $200-300. Depending on how they appeared when looking at them in person, maybe up to $600.
My impression is that shell (the material itself) does not handle water well at all, but the preparation process (in which so much wax is infused into the hide) contributes a great deal to its remarkable hardiness.... and hides that aren't quite so well infused end up welting more. I have learned from other forums that people with shell cordovan shoes that welted poorly found that the problem went away after a good number of thorough paste wax coats. I've done this...
Do a search for the Horween interview.
Well, I've tried to offer a balanced view to the OP but Reevolving keeps pulling it back to an extreme, so might as well...
I received my 12/26 order today morning. They came in excellent shape, and the gift wrapping was superb. All four shirts are lovely. One has some slight collar stains. Generally would I attempt an exchange through the website, or might the local store be able to handle it for me?
Again, shell is durable but some shell have problems with water. Mr. Horween acknowledged this behavior on this very forum not one month ago. This does not mean that you should not buy shell, or that all shell will have problems (as reevolving implies in his somewhat alarmist posts) or that you should never wear shell in the rain. It DOES mean that you should be prepared to receive a pair that does not handle water so well. If you need shoes that are absolutely...
Wow, pretty..... what will you wear those with?
Speaking from some experience here, shirts are going to be a challenge for you. I'd strongly recommend taking advantage of the current Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom sales to pick up a few dress shirts ASAP. Both stock 16.5/37 shirts in good variety, and both have sales going on right now. You'll have about the same luck as anyone else finding the rest of the items, but on shirts you will be somewhat size-constrained.
I think this could be the start of something good.
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