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One last update - I've worn these at least once a week since buying them, and they have held up well. The heels are not worn out at all. My last cashmere socks had heel weakness within five wears; these are going on maybe 20 wears with no evidence of damage. The color is plain but they are my most comfortable sock, and quite durable too. Note - I have been throwing them in the washing machine but laying them on a table to dry.
Those look like vanilla ice cream to me: simple, plain shoes, everyday work shoes. Admittedly it's hard to see pizazz due to the lighting in the picture. The shoe trees are lovely. My experience mirrored a couple of others; I own some C&J handgrade shoes, and have handled-with-intent-to-purchase EG on several occasions. Each time I found myself backing down, because I could not see a difference. Stitching was similar, leathers were similar, quality of internal...
Thank you, this is good to know. I'd be curious to hear what others' preferences are. I prefer the edge to be higher up. On a related note, I'd love to hear suggestions on brown suede wingtips somewhere in the $200-$400 range.
Must be the case. I have not been able to hit one on time.
Is there a way to find out what states you have tickets in? I got one in some midwestern state about ten years ago; I thought I'd paid it but then two years ago while cleaning I found the check I wrote to pay the ticket... that I had forgotten to mail. I've since lost that envelope so I don't even remember what state it was. It would be nice to find out. (Nothing shows up on my credit report or driving history.)
Gdot, may I ask where you made your purchase? Related note - has anyone made purchases from PLal lately? Are the shoes they sell "first quality" or should I expect some issues commensurate with the lower price? The prices certainly are quite good, although I have no idea the shipping and insurance cost to ship to the U.S.
Steve Jobs had a style. However he was not what many would call stylish.
From what I've seen, the short sales don't seem to be advertised through the daily emails.
Forgive my crude illustration. On a wingtip, regarding the piece of leather at the toe that has the medallion then wraps around the sides, should the upper edge (on the sides, where the arrow points) be further into the vamp, where it can be seen from above, or should it be further down to the sides so that the vamp remains relatively clear behind the toebox? Is there a style aspect to this, or is it simply personal preference? Or mostly influenced by foot shape or...
I generally wouldn't wear one to an interview. I wouldn't want to be wearing one if I went to an after-work sports bar for a beer or something. I dislike them when it's very, very hot outside and I have to be out and about. Otherwise, I don't mind them at all.
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