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Pictures would be helpful.
http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/ermenegildo-zegna-quindici-printed-silk-tie/3226814?origin=category I saw it at... some store at the Stanford Shopping Center over the holidays. I was rushing through; it caught my eye, I took a picture then moved on with life. Then I saw it tonight at the local (MI) neiman marcus and took a closer look. (Zegna "Quindici") I think this is not a tie I would buy. But, it caught my eye twice, which ties rarely do in department stores that...
They would do much better if they got rid of the models, got rid of the web site, and replaced it with a pic of Daniel Craig with "Tom Ford: Buy Our Stuff" at the bottom.
Thank you for the reply.I would imagine the difference is in labor hours, mostly. The materials are probably similar, the assembly process is probably similar, but the actual steps are done more slowly and carefully for better detailing and polish. I can tell this difference between my AE plaintoe (uneven and rough leather cuts, somewhat uneven stitching), my C&J HG (everything perfectly cut and aligned) and my Kiton (everything perfectly aligned and the stitching so...
Where do these cards come from?
This would tell me that he makes a great pair of shoes, of which I have no doubt whatsoever. It would tell me that his shoes are better made than the ones I own, which is probable. It would tell me that he knows far more about shoes than most other people here, which is likely.However, it wouldn't convince me that his business isn't about making a profit whereas the shoe factories are, which is what was insinuated.I have worked at many factories in many industries, and I...
Sorry but you kind of brought this up. How do we know that makers of hand-made shoes don't enjoy a greater profit margin (%) than factory mass-manufactured shoes? Personally, I will not assume that the maker of some $6,000 bespoke shoe doesn't enjoy a fantastic profit margin, perhaps one that makes the Cole Haan factory owner green with envy.As a consumer, I have to assume that profit is job one for every shoemaker on the planet. I would be ignorant to assume otherwise....
Doesn't make sense to me. The last two shoes I sent in for re-crafting both had the insoles replaced. Increasingly I get the sense that the upper and welt are the shoe and everything else is a wear-and-tear replacement item.
If fashion brands are supposed to be aspirational, then I clearly am not a TF aspirant. The fit seems wrong, the model is scary and I do not want to look or dress remotely like him, the lapels are huge and it all looks garish.
It wouldn't be much of an afterlife if I reached up from the grave and caught one of those Louboutin Fungal Loafers.
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