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Love the uniqlo boxer briefs, as well as the ExOfficio ones which feel great, last, and are excellent for trips.
The smug responses are coming from people who own many, many pairs of shoes, purchase new ones often, cycle out old ones frequently and frankly aren't going to be impacted if a given pair is damaged, because there's a closet full of backups at home. If the M3 is the fourth car in the household, its owner will be more likely to drive it harder than if it's the only car. The attitude here is of people who own four, six, ten or fifteen M3s, and they just are not going to...
Having owned a number of these shoes (AE vs. more expensive brands) and pondered this question post-purchase myself, what I've noticed to be the differences: 1. Finish on the Lobbs, etc., is almost always better. Specifically, leather pieces are more cleanly cut and more cleanly aligned together before being sewn. The stitching is more even, tighter, closer to the seams and less likely to have any loose threads. The dye will be more even and extend well into any seam. ...
$50-100 is a fair price point for me. Plenty of excellent options in that range, and I've picked up too many good condition, nice pattern ties from Kiton, Ricci, etc. at that price point to believe that I absolutely need to go higher.
Interesting, the leather on my black tramezza captoes has not aged well at all. I don't fault the shoes though, given the amount of winter salt they have seen.
The EG shoe tree is clearly quite blobby.
Since you said the cobbler was recommended here in SF, can you disclose the name?
Whoa, I missed those boots. Tempted to drop the seller a line...
"A Man Shoe" Wow - fascinating. Thank you for posting. Most interesting to me were the contortionist clips at the end where the shoes are bent and twisted. Those made me wonder whether the "shoe of tomorrow" tended to have much more flexible soles than our present Shoe of Today.
(Definitely not for the price. Question focused on the pattern, style.)
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