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That's the knot my Dad taught me about 45 years ago. Still use it regularly.
Go forth proudly, my big balled friend!
I have one. I bought the same size as my suit, and yes it's slim fitting, but I have no trouble waerins a suitcoat under it. Arm movement is fine.
If it were a job you thought you really wanted, why push it. Push the boundaries AFTER you get the job!
Looks charcoal to me,also. Great look though....
If it fits, I'd were it in a heartbeat.
It's a lot easier to pull of if you're Sean Connery!
Learn to tie your own, and it won't be an issue.
My black tie shoes are a pair of velvet Bally pumps, so I say go for it!
I'll check the Off 5th in NE Philly. Thanks!
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