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Wiz, wit, from Geno's. Oh, and don't forget to order in English! Actually, my favorite sandwich is a Pork Frussco, from Frussco's on Frankford Ave. in the North East. Roast pork, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone on a roll from Sarcones' bakery. Now that's some good eats!
I believe I. Goldberg's is long gone.
I love bsolid black ties with any shade grey suit. A true classic look. My Brioni grenadine is my favorite tie right now.
Where are the Grenadine' on sale? The only ones I can find are $110. (or is that the sale?) They're nice but for $30 less I'll go with Sam Hober.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "as a full grown adult, size change would only be affected by weight gain or loss... you know, chubby feet." Actually, my feet have gone fron 10.5 in my 30's to 11.5 at age 55, and my width has not changed.
You mean like this? Attachment 19784
Love those cuffs! Not to derail, , but what type of tie knot would you go with? That's one spread collar!
Tumi balistic nylon messenger bag.
As I tell my my sons, there's no shame being the best dressed guy in the room...
The Alchemist & Barrister is still there??!! I haven't been in there since 1976 when I was renting an apartment on the worst street in Princeton (Leigh St.) which still wasn't all that bad. Sadly, I was going to Trenton State instead of Princeton... If it happens I'll try to make it. PS.-what's the dress code?
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