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Classic & classy!
I haven't seen Bullit since the it came out, but the only sartorial moment I remember is Robert Vaughn wearing a tan suit with a double breasted waistcoat. Man, he looked slicker than cat shit!
As long as the shoes don't have punched toes.
As we say in Philly, it's all about atty-tude!
I find I need to down 1 full size on the 348 last.
Can anyone recommend a collared, long sleeve "polo" style sweater in merino or cashmere ( the shirt style, not the brand name)? Brooks Brother's large fits great in the shoulders, sleeves and body, but is too short (I have a long torso). Extra large is long enough, but it swims on me. Thanks!
Can anyone recommend a shop that can do a quality dye job in Philadelphia / So/.Jersey area? Thanks!
Philly or Wilmington work for me
Love seersucker shirts, but for casual occasions only. Linen (despite the wrinkles) is dressier,
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