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This is my feedback on my ordering process with Scott. I initially got in touch with Scott in mid January to have a wallet made. After agreeing on the details Scott gave me an estimated time of completion of around mid to late February. No payments had been made at this time. Since I had not heard back from Scott I emailed him in the middle of March to get an update. I still did not hear back from him and I assumed that Scott had just forgotten about the order and I just...
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Very nice. Are those shell? P2 last? Yes, they are what Vass calls Cognac shell. It's the Peter last. P2 unfortunatley is too narrow for me.
My contribution. Not Styleforum-sleek, but sleek enough for me. Attachment 40083 Attachment 40084 Attachment 40085
Quote: Originally Posted by MattX Hey all, I am looking for a pair of brown brogues style shoes. Which are the most comfortable brogues shoes available? Thank you. Matt. It's really difficult to answer this question without knowing the details about your foot, such as shape, length, width, shape of the arch, etc. The comfort depends on which last would work for you. C&J may fit if the last shape conforms to your foot. If not, it...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Yes it is that simple. There's no secret or anything to hide. They make shoes, they like to sell their shoes, you call/email/visit them, they sell you their shoes. LOL, thanks. I was just under the apparently wrong impression that I could not order direct from Vass.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm go direct Pardon my thick head, I'm not following. Are you saying it's as simple as picking up the phone and calling Mr. Vass, or sending an email? If you'd rather not say, I'm cool with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekonomist +1, Yet another positive data point pushing me toward choosing finally Chan. The only thing I'd recommend with Chan is that if you're into a soft shoulder, you'll really have to make it clear. I got measured last spring for a jacket and while I really like how it turned out, my jacket's shoulders are not as soft as the OP's. They were also slightly too broad to my taste. I eventually took the jacket to...
Looks very nice. The shoulders look just right. Did you get measured in DC at the Hilton?
Who is the source used for these customized Vass? Eiko, Gabor, or Kolecho? It seems that Vass is quite flexible in the customization.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac to echo the most recent posts - of course they should, sometimes they don't. sometimes even 2 pairs of the exact same shoe in the same store don't fit exactly the same That kinda worries me. I've been thinking of ordering a pair of Vass online, one with a norwegian front and a reverse welt. I have a budapest style derby on the Peter last without the reverse welt. The Peter last fits me very well on...
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