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Half a size larger and I'd also be throwing money at the screen. So Close. Even double re-checked the last breakdown to confirm it's a narrow/flat last, just incase
This is a very special sale . (I am joking BTW )
^I think he means you've got to be registered for AT LEAST 3 years to purchase
This is as low as they go $100 for $900RRP shoes.
Okay, these are now in 'seriously move' mode. $900RRP down to $125, hardly worn, with shoe trees. Go Go Go.
Another $50 drop on hardly worn $900 shoes. This is about as low as they can go.
$50 drop to get these moving.
Size US 10 / 43, UK 9 Leather: Oro-iginal Leather Last: 23 - The last is the form used to shape the interior of the shoe. Outsole: Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge Am sure you guys know these a great pair of boots that will last a long period of time. Reason for selling; This pair was purchased to hedge my bets against sz9 being too small. It turns out that sz10 is both too big, and still not wide enough. + Original Box + RedWing insoles, purchased in Japan + 1...
Okay, with the bump comes a $50 price drop, killing me, but these have got to be sold.
These were purchased out of desperation a few years ago. I needed to attend a function and they were the only good looking shoes that fit. Turns out they were too small. I wore these outside a total of 4 times, special occasions only (1 graduation, 1 wedding, 2 interviews). It's a shame to leave these beautiful shoes in the cupboard, they need to see the day light. Style: Aken/ Monk Style Color: Black Size: UK 8F / US 9EEE Handmade in Switzerland Upper Material:...
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