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I actually ended up returning the 30mm ones as they were a bit big and I found the ochre ones shortly after buying the 30s. I prefer the color of the ochre as I feel it's a bit more versatile. Also, the profile of the classique chelseas was slimmer overall which I preferred.Re: heel height, I think both 25mm and 30mm are great heights. The 30mm has a bit more of a distinctive look to it but 25mm is very easy to wear. Between the two I'd say heel height was probably one of...
I'm not sure if they're exactly the same. The color is listed as "chestnut" versus cigar or tobacco. The color on the Saks pair looks lighter than photos I've seen of the "tobacco" pairs, though I've never seen those in person.FWIW, when I purchased these boots from Saks in August 2015 the color was also listed as "chestnut" and this is what they looked like. They are the bottom pair in the first photo and the right pair in the second photo. The other chelsea is a pair of...
Size 43 is available for pre order from Saks:http://goo.gl/VdY7Rb
I believe they go by "classique" Chelseas. I have a pair and I dig them. 25mm heel so a bit lower than the current variants. Idk what color those are but mine are ochre suede
There's like 3 or 4 pairs for sale on the Facebook group in various sizes right now
Here are the ones I use:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00020BFSE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_-wokxb6AVCP72
my (/mī/)determiner1. belonging to or associated with the speaker.grail (/ɡrāl/)noun2. a thing that is being earnestly pursued or sought after.
Gotcha. I'd go for the Wyatt chelseas then. IMO the 40mm heel is comfortable enough to wear all day even though it's slightly higher than usual. I prefer the styling of it over those Loubs personally
Visually they look alright but the heel is so low it almost looks unbalanced. Also, the gore is too wide for my liking. The lack of visible outsole makes the boot look a little less masculine but that's relatively minor.I've no experience with their footwear so no comments on quality. My opinion is purely based on looks.What don't you like about the Hedi 30 chelseas if you don't mind me asking?
Up for sale is a pair of grey cotton pants from Dior's SS07 season in good condition. These are a 19cm cut with a light-medium grey color made of very soft cotton twill fabric. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the wash was called. Regardless, they are a great shade of grey and very comfortable. They have been worn gently and cared for, and appear as though they may develop some fades with continuous wear. These did not fall in the "denim" line, hence the silver tag...
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