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Here are the ones I use:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00020BFSE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_-wokxb6AVCP72
my (/mī/)determiner1. belonging to or associated with the speaker.grail (/ɡrāl/)noun2. a thing that is being earnestly pursued or sought after.
Gotcha. I'd go for the Wyatt chelseas then. IMO the 40mm heel is comfortable enough to wear all day even though it's slightly higher than usual. I prefer the styling of it over those Loubs personally
Visually they look alright but the heel is so low it almost looks unbalanced. Also, the gore is too wide for my liking. The lack of visible outsole makes the boot look a little less masculine but that's relatively minor.I've no experience with their footwear so no comments on quality. My opinion is purely based on looks.What don't you like about the Hedi 30 chelseas if you don't mind me asking?
Up for sale is a pair of grey cotton pants from Dior's SS07 season in good condition. These are a 19cm cut with a light-medium grey color made of very soft cotton twill fabric. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the wash was called. Regardless, they are a great shade of grey and very comfortable. They have been worn gently and cared for, and appear as though they may develop some fades with continuous wear. These did not fall in the "denim" line, hence the silver tag...
Up for sale is a gently used pair of "Indigo Sheer" 17.5cm denim from SS08. These are a classic pair of slim fitting Diors with a beautiful indigo color. The fabric is very soft and stretchy... one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans that I have owned. A lovely hue that will not fade, so if you're looking for a solid pair of dark denim to dress up or down, look no further. Condition is 9/10. Jeans are unaltered and unwashed. Photos accurately represent condition of...
Up for sale are a very lightly used pair of "Iridescent Effect" 19cm waxed denim from SS14. Fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable, with a decent amount of stretch. The wax is a matte, soft wax that is unevenly applied throughout the jean and IMO looks really nice. Very lightly worn, 9.5/10 condition. Unaltered, unwashed... a really great looking black waxed pair of denim. Photos accurately represent condition of jeans. Original tag included as pictured. Price includes...
Probably depends on the jeans you're referring to. My black raws have barely stretched since I got them tbh... Not a noticeable amount at least. Waistband is still pretty tight and it can get uncomfortable when sitting for a while. I think my black destroyed pair has stretched a bit more though. Crotch area is likely not going to stretch as much or as easily unless you're doing squats or something lol. If it stretches too much you might risk a Lenny situation
30s IMO. But why don't you just buy what YOU think looks best instead of asking the internet what they like best? Who are you dressing for... You or the internet?
Guess it depends on the style you prefer since the current model jodhpurs are also on a 30mm heel. I personally prefer the styling of chelseas so that'd be my choice. Totally up to you otherwise.
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