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Hey guys, Just got my first TaT in the mail today (navy mohair 2-button conservative cut suit with house cut length jacket) and was hoping to get some second opinions on fit to see if/where any alterations need to be made. Based on what I can see, I think I may need to: 1) lengthen right sleeve slightly 2) lengthen pants hem (in back)? 3) suppress pants at hips (probably the most problem area I can see) I am not 100% sure on the inseam length and if that should be...
not anymore
Bumping this... anyone?
Just recently picked up a couple bags for myself... on the right is an Ernest Alexander x Club Monaco Hudson and on the right is a J.Crew factory weekender. Mainly grabbed the weekender because it matches well with my Hudson, though it's not waxed so I may attempt to wax it myself. Does anybody know how the quality is on J.Crew factory bags? I assume it's probably not so great.. the bag doesn't feel anywhere near as well-constructed or quality in terms of material...
Can you get a white tournament low leather 41?
Looking for an Ernest Alexander bag... model Voldis or Hudson is preferred, but Walker is okay too. Also would prefer charcoal. Please PM me if you have one your'e interested in selling! Thanks.
^ No I don't have them anymore. I actually have slimmed down my collection dramatically. The only ones I have left are the DOVA, the grey cotton waxed, and 17.5cm indigo sheers (which I didn't take pictures of). Not really into washed denim as much anymore so I got rid of most of the others. I do find myself missing the UMCs sometimes though.
Just thought I'd dump my repository of denim pics from my own personal collection of DH denim. Most of these I no longer own but photographed in the time that I did own them.Note: I left one picture visible per pair and the rest hidden via spoilers so as to not make this post take up too much space.DH DOVA SS07 19cm MIJ [[SPOILER]] DH Under My Car SS09 17.5cm MII [[SPOILER]] DH Mulholland Drive SS10 19cm MII [[SPOILER]] DH Griffith Park SS10 19cm MII [[SPOILER]] DH Blue...
Coat is by Shipley & Halmos... Actually not sure what model or season as I bought it off another member on sufu who didn't specify. I think it might be from FW09 but not sure on that. If anyone knows I would like to find out
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