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I definitely agree on paying for the culture and exclusivity associated with the brand. That is something I considered part of the "label" as opposed to literally speaking of just the "name brand," but trying to keep things simple.My statement was more meant to get to the root of what I felt was implied by thorns' original comment, which is that it is very much possible for someone to create a jacket that fits the way an SLP jacket would fit but with slightly shorter...
It looks about the same but I'm not entirely certain... Might be a little richer tan than the pair I had. Can they tell you the item code on the box?
I'm not sure I can totally get behind this. While I agree to some extent that small sacrifices may need to be made, I disagree that you would have to spend nearly the same as what you would for SLP to get the desired look without sacrificing quality or manufacturing. That, to me, suggests you feel the markup for the goods sold by SLP is negligible. There is no reason that a leather jacket should cost north of $4000 aside from the label that it carries. You pay largely for...
Agree with cyc. I take a 41 in every CP I have owned (>5 pairs) with the exception of my patent black lows which were just a little snug. I wear a 42 in MMM GATs which fits perfectly as well.My size 41 SLP Wyatts and classique Chelseas both fit the same as my 41 in CP. I briefly owned the Hedi 30 Chelseas in size 42 which were wayyyy too loose. I can't comment on how a 42 in Wyatts would fit me as I have not tried but I would imagine the same outcome given the way the...
That should be perfect. I wear 1 size down from you in all shoes you listed and take a 41 in Wyatts
@JAREDMINK666 - I recently sold a pair of SS15 suede Wyatts in the "nut" color, which matched the stock photo you included (very bottom photo), although they appear darker in stock photo due to the white backdrop. See my album for pictures I took of the actual boots I sold: http://imgur.com/a/wV7bV
Very lightly used condition. Comes with OG box/dustbag. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within continental U.S. International buyers welcome - please msg me for shipping quote.
Same color. Nut.
If your 42 Wyatt fit you comfortably my guess is the 41 Chelsea will be borderline snug if not too tight.I wear a 41 in both my nut Wyatts and in the AW13 classique chelseas. I originally bought a 42 in the Hedi 30 chelseas but they were far too big. Lots of extra room in the toe and the vamp. For reference I wear 41 in CP Achilles and 42 in MMM sneakers. I have SL/18Hs in 42 and wear them comfortably but could potentially size down to 41.5.Can't make reference to jods as...
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