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I have always been a fan of the Madrid based LOEWE - for beautifully crafted leather goods and accessories. They have a large presence in Asia - though i have not come across them in the States.
DAMN - One month away and look what happens. I don't think I will be doing too much selling anymore - it looks way to difficult..... As someone already said though - it's not like we pay for this amazing site.
About $825 Spoo
Lane Crawford - IFC has Corthay's at 50% Off ( about $6.4K), including Arca's in Green, Blue and Purple. If my Luggage wasn't so full.....
Thomas at the Central location is great (Princes Building).
Since the responses were fairly underwhelming - here is what I found yesterday. EG - 5-6 styles in sizes 9-10 & fairly obscure at that ie; dainite soles, no monks, dovers etc. 440 Quid (less vat probably 400). Not a great deal with what we are used to paying on the B&S. Lobb - not on Sale ( and could Not bring myself to pay 920 for the 2010's). Next stop HK - I wonder what the markup will be there? Foster - Shoes around 295 Quid up to 500 and a limited selection. Cleverly...
Thanks Fella's
+10 . The first time I met him , i feared that he was going to "Biatch Slap" me for even mentioning the possibility of a discount. His prices are more than reasonable and the products amazing.
+10 on The Chukka's
Some Damage today... forgive the IPhone pics, (my wife has taken my camera). My first pair of Westons and a complete departure from what I normally wear. The Sutor's are super light and should make a good addition for for 3 weeks in Asia.
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