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Congrats Spoo - shame I can't shrink my feet!
Yep - it lasted all of 7 Days...
A truly beautiful piece, which I picked up from LP in London in November. I'm in two minds on this one, as it is a perfect piece for this crap East Coast weather (and having overdone it with Shoes recently, I would like to free up some $). The Details: NWT 100% Cashmere - Storm System, in a rich Chocolate color. The tagged size is XL, (essentially a 54).I can have exact measurements up in the next day or so, (I have family staying in my guest room). Flap front pockets,...
Thankyou very much
So does anyone have the e-mail address for the EG (Northampton) Outlet?
Quick Sunday Drop's - before the Bay..
Someone must need a Bag - below cost...
Final 'blow out' price drop....
Have you tried the NY store? I picked up some Shoes on Saturday (50% off). Very limited selection, though great service. Received Tuesday & no Sales Tax! Worth the phone call.
New Posts  All Forums: