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This is truly priceless reading and it beg's the question. Where did all of the simpletons come from?...
what's this all about?[/quote] Perhaps it's Mr Lee's 50th and Mr Zee made him a pair of Shoe's ...just sayin'...
You are a LEGEND Spoo...
I would do $10 - $15K on an IWC and the rest on Booze, Coke and Hooker's... No seriously - IWC 3714, IWC Big Pilot , VC Overseas, (so many options under the $40K range).
Dim Sum
Imported DAWG...
A couple of recent commissions...excuse the shitty phone pics.
Thanks for all of the advice Chaps. I have tried the 'Chinese Herbal Route', which was effective - however very intense in terms of stomach upset. Visiting the Doctor for a General Checkup and Bloodwork this week. I am on approximately one third the dosage my Father has been prescribed in Oz' of Allopurinol. Obviously linked to diet and mine has radically changed over the last year - with me all but giving up Booze now.
If you're in Asia then I would consider HSBC, the service is loads better there compared to the US. Check this thread for some discussion on the banks.[/quote] +10. HSBC In Hong Kong 'Rocks'. The Premier retail Service is SHIT in the USA though. At my local branch one of the Tellers has the 'Neck Ink' going on!. They managed to screw up 2 wire transfers to China recently that my wife had made. The Offshore and Globalview Services are really useful.
I have unfortunately inherited this from my Father. Aside from Diet - any tried and trusted remedies? It started about 2 years ago for me and is becoming increasingly frequent ie; every other month in my left ankle. The pain is impossible to imagine and Allopurinal is proving to be ineffective.
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