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Yes - loads of exercise (approx 3 hours daily). We start with a 30 minute walk at 6am, before work. Mid afternoon for 90 minutes and then a run in the evening. He is going through 'Bastard' mode presently, with lots of teething and challenging us as he gains confidence. On the plus side he does not chew furniture or shoes and has his own space on the ground floor. We have one of those childproof gates to separate him from our upstairs space. We are struggling with the...
WTF - Where are the Carminas? Seriously F, good luck with the sale - great stuff (as always)!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lusitano Winston my 3 year old one, wants to welcome Oscar! Beautiful dog! Gratz Thanks - What does Winston weigh? Great looking Dog.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmhollis But they're cheaper on the site Nice thread SHITTING. The site price is clearly ex 'shipping'. Good luck with the Sale...
Great buying experience with padronlover and super fast shipping. Thanks.
Just received the Invoice for Duty - $375!!! Pricks!
Oscar - our 5 month old Weim...
Return Spoo - not a good look.
NIB - John Lobb, 'Welham' in Chestnut Museum Calf. Size 10E Purchased from a Lobb Boutique. The Shoes come in the original box, with bags. SOLD Thanks for looking and please PM with any questions.
PM Sent
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