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I have unfortunately inherited this from my Father. Aside from Diet - any tried and trusted remedies? It started about 2 years ago for me and is becoming increasingly frequent ie; every other month in my left ankle. The pain is impossible to imagine and Allopurinal is proving to be ineffective.
Get your Ass on a Plane to HK and have some Shirts made at Ascot Chang, (or another of the many skilled Artisans). This will still, on a per unit basis - be significantly cheaper than some of the 'extortionate' prices being requested for Kiton etc on the B&S. I started at about $70 for some 'Beater's' and maxed out at about $220 for some in really nice fabrics, (working with two different Tailors). As many have said, (and i an Infant in the world of Bespoke) only having a...
Very happy with their work and choice of exotic skins. I had 4 pieces made last month. Card cases in Croc and some others in Stingray.
In B&S 2.1, this will be shrunken to one or two threads at most, thanks to the reintroduction of the multi unit megathread. Makes skipping over some BB shirts much, much easier if thats not your thing.[/quote] SENSATIONAL News!
90% of Page one on the B&S is 'Brooks Brothers'. No disrespect to any of the Sellers, though WTF?. It appears as though the' Golden Days of Luxe Product' are behind us now...
Reality Check - 'Do these people not realise what a 'bunch of STNUC' they look like, on the world stage? Just sayin...as a 'non voting, tax paying visitor'.
My First LV and a 'Custom' Card Holder from my recent Hong Kong adventure... My wife had a couple of pieces made in Stingray and Yellow Calf, which turned out amazing. When she unpacks I will take some pics..
Love the VC - I was close to pulling the trigger on this a couple of weeks ago. Wear it in good health!
Unfortunately not. i have been on the 'hunt' for a pre-TG.
Do you have pics of the Jacket (non LP website)?
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