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Lobb Shoe Tree's on EBay are significantly higher than retail (Which is $120). Go figure....
Final Drop's on the remaining Items...
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude man dc is still sold out everywhere FWIW - I had a meeting in Annapolis on Thursday and swung by the Apple Store at Westfield, on the off chance. Not an issue - they had plenty in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Just added my final shipment of shirts. I have just one of each available. Enjoy! Just received mine and re-loaded. These are stunning and as addictive as Heroin. Thanks A
Damn - how did I miss this ( punches self in head)?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Got my shirts today - AMAZING! The cotton is beyond compare, and those collars... I need to drop about 6lbs though, if anyone is wondering, these puppies run super slim. That's me 'phucked' then. I should have gone with 16.5's....
+1. I have heard of them being referred to as being 'Neapolitan Cuffs'. I have them on a couple of older Finamore's and one Borrelli Shirt. I like them, though find it very uncomfortable to wear them with a watch, (the wrist opening being tighter)...
Another round of Drop's & Valextra added.
Quote: Originally Posted by Handcuffed Don't sell it... you later regret it. Phenomenal piece. Quote: Originally Posted by ragdoll I have this jacket. You should keep it. Great price! +10. I have this, tried to sell it and the Bullshit offers only confirmed that I should keep it.
It's SHITE. Lot's of own brand stuff. I tried some of their Cashmere socks at $14 and they are rubbish (way too thin) and in the trash after 2 wears.
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