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NWT - Kiton 15 1/2 x 39 Blue Stripe Measures: Chest: 22" Sleeves: 26.5" Shoulders: 18.75" Now Only $200 NWT - No. 2 Kiton 16 x 41 Measures: Chest: 23" Sleeves: 26.5" Shoulders: 19" This is perhaps the nicest Kiton Shirt that i have handled. As my wife pointed out - I have 30 Shirts still boxed and unworn! $275 Shipped ConusNow Only $240 NWT - RLPL Size 16.5 x 42 $120 Shipped ConusNow Only $90 Thanks for looking and please PM with any questions
[BNIB -]JM Weston - Derbies - Size 10D. NIB ( no Tree's).[/B] Measure: 4 1/4" x 12 1/2" (just shy of). $625 Shipped ConusNOW ONLY - $440!!! Thanks for looking and please PM with any questions
Just applied for the Platinum (I have been on a SPG for a few years). The 50K Miles and Lounge access were a Bonus. IMHO the lounge access helps offset the annual fee.I do not always fly up front. I thought access was only US Airports - does it include International?
Does anyone have experience with their timing - for warranty repair (Fort Worth)?
I will try and swing by tomorrow and find out for you.
I live around the corner from the store and I can confirm that they do not stock the Lowndes, though they can order.
$1275.00 + Taxes (new)...
Ain't Naples near Northampton?...
This is truly priceless reading and it beg's the question. Where did all of the simpletons come from?...
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