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Loro Piana - The Model is 'San Francisco' Storm Cashmere. In Navy. Yay or Nay?
johnny_flapjack - A great bloke, straight up deal & killer products. +10
Will try & get the article scanned ( may take a couple of days though).
Nice feature on the Big Man, in the Editorial of this issue of The Rake!
The Annual 'clunky shoe frenzy' appears well under way at Ralph's...You could set your watch to it..
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy Dark Oak followed by Mink Suede. +1
8 - do I have a problem? I have a couple of Rain Mac's that i tend to wear more often.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo More good buying experiences with amerikajinda, whusurdadi, earthdragon, onix and tweedydon. Thanks chobochobo - always a pleasure to deal with.
Damn - Gorgeous!
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 I'm confused. OP said it's 40% + 15% kicker. Recent posts have said that it's actually 30% plus 15% kicker. Which sale rate is it? It's 30 + 15%. Strange as my wife picked up a couple of things and received 40 + 15%. Aside from a few Outerwear pieces, I found the RLPL to be a little underwhelming. Only one piece that I have my eye on - a 'Navy Cashmere Peacoat'. Limited choices in Suits and...
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