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I have to agree with Spoo - C&J pretty much a perfect fit - straight out of the gate. EG & then JL's for me.
I was looking at that also - how much did it go for?
Loro Piana - 'Snowdream' - Fur lined boots.
CONGRATS F - 'The Biatch is Back' - Nice stuff.
Fucking DC Taxi Drivers. Twice today- cut up three times by this prick crossing lanes while on his phone. Then tonight prick number two stops Traffic on K Street, at peak hour for a good 2 changes of lights. I jumped out of my car and ran the dozen or so cars , knocked on his window so I could call him a Fucking Arse Hole!. It's the upside - since I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago, the constant urge that I have to want to punch people in the face.
NWOB - Corthay Loafers - Size 10.5 (US) SOLD Thanks for looking and please PM with any questions
Will Fields - Glover Park DC Gary Gagossian - Beverly Hills CA
We used 'Allied' Shipping and they were great.
These randomly come up on Ebay for a respectable price. I tried unloading these for the longest time - finally wore them on the weekend and they are "keeper's". Lobb - Foxton
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