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I am finally going to have a SC made, (prior to pulling the trigger on a Suit) and was curious to know whether it is appropriate to take along a sample Jacket, which is a favorite? I essentially want a copy, ( in my choice of fabric) of an RLPL by St Andrews, Cashmere jacket in a light gray herringbone. Patch pockets, notch lapels, rear vents - though I am wondering what the consensus is on single button vs 2/3 roll? Thoughts welcome, as I am looking at fabrics on Saturday.
Does re-crafting have to go via the Jermyn St store? If so the 'miserable old prick' running the Store could be the root of the problem. The last couple of times that I visited - he has been nothing short of objectionable. According to employees at Foster and C&J, they are well aware of his offensive manner, ( finding it amusing). + 1 on Sky Valet. I have no experience with their re-crafting service, however my wife shops with them frequently. Super nice guys. Just my 2...
Thanks for sharing. Do not like though.
Priceless - how long?
Perfect transaction with singlechange - fast shipping and very carefully packaged.
Quote: Originally Posted by hst Had a great deal with earthdragon. Fast and constant communications throughout. Will buy from him again. Thanks hst - Great buyer to do Business with...
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm you buying a ferrari also? No, I can't buy a Ferrari at these prices... Final Drop's.
PM sent
I picked up a couple of Attolini from STF last week and they really are impressive. +1 on Finamore.
Lobb Shoe Tree's on EBay are significantly higher than retail (Which is $120). Go figure....
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