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Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny those Oakhams rock, great choice - nicest double with the Chapel +100 These Oakhams look stunning. The only thing holding me back from G&G's, is my concern that the heel look super high. Could one of the experts chime in - as in, is there a huge difference in height from say, Grant's or Vale's?
Quote: Originally Posted by fleurdema1 Hi all I need some help with this one. I found this Kiton Sartorio Brown Leather Jacket 50/M for US $1,299.99 on ebay which seems cheap?? http://cgi.ebay.com.my/6-700-NWT-Kit...item33680e8319 Given the price do you think it is real or a fake? Thanks I am no Kiton expert - however I have had about 6 purchases from this Seller and they have all been legit.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Whats it like? Might be moving there by summer's end. Excited to finally get to watch the cricket and both rugby codes again. Don't really go out anymore, would prefer access to cheap restaurants, rent may be taken care of. I know I'd have to give up my plants which I'm not excited about. Awesome and at times truly disturbing. I lived in Islington ( North London), for 9 years - only a...
Phucking obscenely priced and why pay 'rack rate' - it is not like there is a shortage of St Crepins..
RLPL June 2nd - not sure what else is in (like 'clunky' Shell Shoe's)...
I have 5 Suits purchased in the last 2-3 years - costing between $600 - $800 (new) and they fit me straight off the rack, with only Cuffs being required. IMHO this equates to decent value. On the other hand I have some St Andrews S Coats / Suits & love them. I wore for the first time yesterday, a Beige Silk RLPL (Caruso) Suit purchased last year and i hate it. This no reflection on Caruso, but rather a shitty decision on my part, to buy a Silk Suit. It is going to stain...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 From Leon 2009 The orange coat, I wants it Checkout STF - He had a bunch Orange Kiton's going real cheap...
Spoo - Ian on the Shirting?
Damn - those Corthay's are beautiful!
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