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Would anyone have an approximate idea, as to what I am likely to be charged for a +$1K Coat, (from the UK) ?. It is sitting at JFK now. I bring 40' Containers in for work, with less 'head phuck'! Thanks
How does the sizing run on these L?
Significant (9%) Drop's....
Need to clear some closet space. In the words of the great FStyles....Paypal is King. Prices include Conus Shipping NIB - Edward Green for RLPL - 'Eden' on the 89 Last, Size 11D Inclusive of Tree's. Outersole Measures: 12 1/4 x 4 1/8 $555SOLD NWT - RLPL, Lavender Button Down, Size L Measures: Chest: 22:, Sleeves: 26.5" and Shoulders: 19". The fabric on this one feels 'super luxe'. $140$105 NWT - Borrelli (pre-2010) Size 16/41 Measures:Chest: 22", Shoulders: 21"...
Quote: Originally Posted by scurvyfreedman New Niemann Marcus Last Call Studio in Rockville, MD opened yesterday. Mostly women's stuff. Lots of HF suits. Madison mostly, but also some LTD so watch out b/c they're both the same price ($599). Lots of Brioni ties, right now 30% off close to $100. Not much else to speak of IMO. Maybe it will expand selection at a later point. Relatively small space too in half of the old Tower Records space in...
IMHO - Just stop with the warnings and enforce the discipline. Some folks just think they are 'teflon coated' and have been 'takin' the piss' for waaaaaay too long!
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Nay. Big thumbs down for me. I try to avoid gentrified versions of clothing that were originally made for durability/utilitarian purposes. Would you wear this Loro Piana item out into the rain? would you mind a bit of splash of seawater on this pea coat?..........Probably NOT considering how expensive/exquisite it is. I just go a Buzz Rickson Peacoat. Modeled after the very original US navy (in fact...
Loro Piana - The Model is 'San Francisco' Storm Cashmere. In Navy. Yay or Nay?
johnny_flapjack - A great bloke, straight up deal & killer products. +10
Will try & get the article scanned ( may take a couple of days though).
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