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Do it G ( before I wear em')...
Foxx - your fit pics of late are great. How much tweaking is involved in your SC's & Suits?
Fresh out of the Box. I love the color of these. Always a BIG Dover fan - these are going to be a close second.
DC and he is generally reliable. I always get a nod when RLPL is on Final. AFAIK - it is always a "crap shoot" for the Sales Guys as well - they get a corporate notification of what the offering is.Gone are the good old days of EG's at 50% off.....
My Guy says primarily Blue Label. No Shoes, RLPL or RLBL (most likely end May)....
SC,.....Herringbone maybe.....hopefully in gray or brown???
I don't believe so. The last Article that I read indicated that Kiton were producing Inhouse.
Cross post from Shoe damage..
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