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Couldn't sell these for the longest time - so decided to keep them, (glad I did). G&G Wiltshire..
Damn - put me out of my misery and tell me the Arran's were not a 10E...Wasting time speaking with the Plumber on a new bathroom!
@Gyasih. I finally got around to trying these on and I would say they are a full size up.
It was somewhere way back in the thread....Last year when i checked Jermyn Streets only had had it made up in country calf. I would love a pair in Dark Oak, on a H/AF Sole (basically a Dover Boot)
Did the Dark Oak Nevis GMTO ever get off the ground?
I live in DC - that would receive much more than one days wear a year....
Uh Oh...should I open this link?...
I sized up to 11 (US), assuming that I would be wearing thicker socks. Reminiscent of my old EG Banbury's ( at about 1/6) of the price.
Exceptional buy....
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