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PHUK ME. How are these still here at such an amazing price? Sign of the wonderful times... Roger - awesome Chapel's
It's the RL version of the Thorpe (with Speedhooks). They Call it "Dark brown burnished calf" - Vintage Oak I believe
The Thorpe looks killer with Jeans IMHO (as well as heavier weight Flannel).
IIRC Spoo is a 9
Still undecided - I am a little concerned on the "D" width on the Thorpes, so will likely let them go. The Nevis feel great.
Yes - it feels a lot thinner, though great fit. My Thorpes are Vintage Oak (Calf).
Nevis - Dark Oak, Willow I can't believe how "light" these feel in comparison to Thorpe's..
NIB - Gaziano & Girling for RLPL - "Garnell" A gorgeous Boot that is essentially the "Thorpe" with Speedhooks. The Details: Model: Garnell Size: 10.5/11D Color: Dark Brown Burnished Calf Last: MH-71 Bags: Yes "RL" Signature Box: Yes Outersole Measures: 12 3/4" x 4 1/4" $1089.00 $900.00 Shipped Conus
The UK
Chambord II "Dark Green Misty"...
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