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DAMN - The Isaia's will be gone in a Flash no doubt...
Let the Games begin - it's going to be fun watching the desperation...
Hutton in Parisian Brown Misty. Thought that I could make em' work, however a tad small. Soon to be on B&S.
I picked up a Navy and absolutely Stunning..
It's been in the "Shitter" for sometime...$200 offers on some NIB JL's and EG's. WTF?...
It may be old news. Mr Porter is now carrying a few styles (Dover, Windemere).
I was fortunate enough to pick up two of these Shirts and they are as good as anything else in my wardrobe. Beautiful fabrics and fit.
Even better when you claim back VAT!
I made out with two pair. In speaking with Chris and Hercules, they have a fairly significant Inventory that they will be re-loading as there is a delay in the closure/refurb at Jermyn Street. I made it in at 12:15 (on my way to the Airport) and there were probably 40 people in line. Some clearance Shoes were going for GBP 145 Socks GBP 5 - 17 Belts GBP 60 Begg gear - GBP 30 +100 Trees GBP 15 (hit and miss and they were non EG) They need to get a system going - as...
Cheers. If I can finish work early enough I will stop by...My Hotel is by spitalfields
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