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Solid Seller - I have had multiple purchases from Bill. No one has a gun to their head , to buy from him. What's with all the whining?
Save me from buying Corthays at retail ( Sterling), with the 'green peso"....
What's the Damage Big Man?
Are these listed yet?
RARE - New In Box Classic Suede Loafers from the house of KITON Producing inhouse since 2005 - The Artisan's at Kiton only produce eight pair per day, with each taking approximately 15 hours. The Details: Size: 10 (European) Color: T-Moro (Brown) Model: #140 Box: Yes The Measurements: (approx) Outersole: Length: 12 1/2" Width: 4 1/4" Innersole Length: 12 1/16" Please note as reflected in the images, there is some light shopwear to the soles, having been tried...
Get the RM's My preference is the Craftsmen. I have them in Black, Chestnut and Suede. I am in Airports a lot this year and these are my " Go To" for Travel. They are super comfortable and I'm not worried about scuffing or damaging them ( as I was with my G&G Burnhams).
Do it G ( before I wear em')...
Foxx - your fit pics of late are great. How much tweaking is involved in your SC's & Suits?
Fresh out of the Box. I love the color of these. Always a BIG Dover fan - these are going to be a close second.
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