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I use the Ralph Lauren one's - typically available from their larger stores. IIRC approx $50 - $60. Not the 888 Last, though they work for me.
I have them in Dark Oak ( 9 1/2E) & they still feel snug. These are a half size bigger, which I actually prefer on the 888 and 606 Lasts. I seem to be wearing Loafers more and more ( a result of 5 pairs during the G&G frenzy).
I tried on a pair of RTW Boots at the Jermyn St store yesterday and just could not bring myself to pay GBP 920 ( without Trees). Cheap ass that I am, I simply wait for the pre-Sale list usually.
Walked into Jermyn St intent on buying a pair of Nevis Boots and ended up with this....
Not boots - can I still play? Dover - 606
I would take the IWC to the NYC Boutique (i have had three done in the last year). My 3714 had not been serviced in 8 years. Major overhaul, case polish and new Strap ran me $900. It is painless, as they take care of all of the Insurance, Fedex etc. to Richemont in Fort Worth. Quickest turn around was 6 weeks. I would not trust them to anyone else, (as with re-crafting of my EG's to the UK)....Just my 2 cents worth.
No - MTO is +GBP150! Nevis is not available in Dark Oak, this would be MTO only, the Nevis is however available in Chestnut or Mahogany country calf. Too rich for my Blood (once again we are ruined by SF pricing). For that coin I will think about retail on a pair of Corthay or St C's.....
Quoted GBP 920 by Jermyn St for The Nevis Boot. Have they had a price hike?
Would someone kindly explain how to offer a Discount (ie 10%, 15%) on the listing? The Icon that pops up over the main image in the listing. Thanks
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