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Awesome find. Are they Lattanzi?
These - Misty Pewter
From the Anthony Cleverley Semi-Bespoke Line. These beauties are New In Box and have never been worn. Model: De Givenchy Size: 11 1/2D Color: Black Calf Outersole (approximate) measurements: Length: A hair under 13" Width: 4 1/16" These come with the Tree's and AC Signature bags, which are both a work of Art in themselves. SF Legend has it, that at least some part of these were made by EG to a very high standard... NO RETURNS $900.00 $735.00 Shipped Conus
Great pics - looks like Cashmere & Candy and GDL take the "Cake" IMHO..... Just sayin'
G - Is that Cucinelli Chambray yours & if so what size?
Awesome Boots. Congrats. Are they the Camden?
Much more Ballin' than Hermes, Goyard and Delvaux. I just wish I could find a monogram baseball cap:satisfied:
Thanks Mimo - I was referencing the G&G's. This helps a lot.
Uh Oh - how does G width work ( super wide)?
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