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Anyone else having issues with suspicious Buyers from China? I have had 4 pair of Shoes (JL, EG etc) - BIN and of course they just evaporate. A quick search shows that they have registered with Ebay right before buying (under four different user names).
RARE - CHAMBORD II BOOT A sturdy but sophisticated seven eyelet Derby boot. The Chambord II Boot features a hand-sewn apron and toe seam. The Details: Size: 10E (UK) - Outersole measures: Just shy of 12 1/2" x 4 3/8" Last: 8695 Color: Dark Green Misty Calf Sole: Leather JL Box JL Signature Cloth Shoe Bags $875.00 Shipped Conus or $945.00 with JL Trees These are marked with an "R", with no obvious flaws, (other than some light scuffing from being tried on). This make...
With all this talk of Sales - what's with Burnham's at $2,025 (pre Tax) on the Wilkes website. Is this new pricing? Getting too rich for my Blood.
PHUK ME. How are these still here at such an amazing price? Sign of the wonderful times... Roger - awesome Chapel's
It's the RL version of the Thorpe (with Speedhooks). They Call it "Dark brown burnished calf" - Vintage Oak I believe
The Thorpe looks killer with Jeans IMHO (as well as heavier weight Flannel).
IIRC Spoo is a 9
Still undecided - I am a little concerned on the "D" width on the Thorpes, so will likely let them go. The Nevis feel great.
Yes - it feels a lot thinner, though great fit. My Thorpes are Vintage Oak (Calf).
Nevis - Dark Oak, Willow I can't believe how "light" these feel in comparison to Thorpe's..
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