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Does anyone know when the mainline collection will be available online?
Has anyone compiled a list of Japanese online sites that will ship to the United States?
I have the military chino and white chambray button down shirt. I can confirm they are well constructed and use nice fabrics. My difficulty has been finding XL sizes( I need a 6 to get a comfortable fit), otherwise I would have more Orslow in my wardrobe. I am puzzled as well why this brand doesn't receive more attention.
I can never get pique polos to come out of the dryer without deep-set wrinkles, must always line dry.
Has anyone had any experience with this Japanese brand? Impressions re fit, fabric, construction, color, etc? http://www.southwillard.com/collections/fal-2015/tuki-by-kosuke-harada/ http://shop.rusk-store.com/?mode=cate&cbid=623221&csid=0
Does anyone else have difficulty viewing & navigating the LNCC website? Don't know if it's just me, but very frustrating when I try to scroll through the products.
Not sure if this has already been posted, but: http://store.unionlosangeles.com/collections/sale
Left Field NYC "offering 10% off until mon at midnight in honor of our American hero's who fought for our freedom." Code dday10
Has anybody actually seen the trousers featured here? http://www.francesmay.com/products/needles-2-pleated-work-pant If so, could you please share your impressions about the fabric & nap, color, etc.? thanks!
Hi Christian, Received the zip hoodies and I am absolutely loving and living in them these cold winter days! Hope you will continue to keep this item in the regular rotation. Any chance you'll ever make the Japanese twill chinos in a baggier style? I don't mean with a drop crotch, but just roomier and looser in thighs. keep up the great work!
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