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Apparently this is a ladies trench coat. Does anyone know (1) the name of this model, or whether (2) Barbour ever made something similar in its mens line?
bureau belfast sale up to 40%
Hello ZenMarket, In the United States we can only get striped Saint James boatneck shirts (Ouessant model). But Japan gets solid and melange color Ouessant shirts, but mostly smaller sizes. Would you be able to proxy these solid color shirts in a size 8 (their largest)? thanks
Next week I travel to Cuba for a full week. Can anyone advise me as to what to pack for leg wear? Shorts, chinos, or jeans? Will be going on architectural tour for most part and spending time in Havana at Nacional Hotel. Don't want to overpack, but also don't want to dress too warmly or cooly. thanks.
I bought a few LMC spoke chinos back in 2011 through Mr. Porter. Excellent pants, made in Turkey, still wearing them today. Can't speak to current quality, however. They seem to have discontinued the spoke chinos.
Does anyone know when the mainline collection will be available online?
Has anyone compiled a list of Japanese online sites that will ship to the United States?
I have the military chino and white chambray button down shirt. I can confirm they are well constructed and use nice fabrics. My difficulty has been finding XL sizes( I need a 6 to get a comfortable fit), otherwise I would have more Orslow in my wardrobe. I am puzzled as well why this brand doesn't receive more attention.
I can never get pique polos to come out of the dryer without deep-set wrinkles, must always line dry.
Has anyone had any experience with this Japanese brand? Impressions re fit, fabric, construction, color, etc?
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