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Those are really beautiful; outstanding choice! Where'd you get them?
There's also a Ralph Lauren shop on Florida that matches the feel of RL anywhere. The people of BsAs have an Old World mentality and are very well dressed.
I've been most influenced by Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and Fred Astaire. While I've certainly seen and admired many, many others over the years, and have liked a lot I've seen in the styles of Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Prince Charles and Sean Connery's Bond, none has had such a lasting impression or placed as much of an imprint on my style as the first three -- classic British borrowed American elegance. (Good thread)
Thanks guys; I really appreciate your experiences and input.
I meant "they" not "their"
why are their crooks?
True enough but, unfortunately, they don't carry the shoe. (I'm told by the NY store that they make only one pair in each size; but they readily offered to do a special order for full retail, plus 20%. Being that the shoes are currently on sale for 30% off, I'm not interested in going in the opposite direction, to full retail plus 20%.) Thanks for the suggestion, though.
I'm interested in buying a pair of Domenico Vacca sale shoes from NYC. I live in LA and am told they only have one size, 10.5, which is a full size bigger than my usual 9.5. Does anyone know whether their shoes run "true to size," or a bit on the big or small size? Also, has anyone so loved a shoe that they were willing to go a full size too large? (If so, how did it work out?)
The episode (where Christopher Walken played "The Continental") was a riot; its an SNL classic!
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