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Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Awesome, LARon, congrats. I imagine the wait will test your patience . . . Most perceptive post yet-- you couldn't be more right.
Thanks FNB.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Congratulations Ron! Two excellent choices. Thanks.
I told them they ought to consider adding LA and Chicago, that's when they mentioned Boston and D.C. Tony said they need a year or two to get a sense of how the business will grow, which only makes sense (especially since they intend to do second fittings that necessarily obligates them to return to their first stops) but that they definitely can foresee adding LA. Dean's only comment about Chicago, which Tony seconded, was that "its cold there." Yet another example...
I really like the second jacket too, even more than the first. Just a matter of choice.
I agree that if you like the coat as much you as you say, you should seize the opportunity, rather than live with the regret of having a bunch of guys you don't know talk you out of it. That said, I also agree that it is sufficiently distinctive that it'll be "made" each time you wear it. But that's no reason not to buy it. Only women stress over being "made" in something worn last week; its not really an issue for men to engage in repeat wearings, particularly if...
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha great stuff, so what was the brogue you wanted? simular to the 1 on centipedes site? also let me comend you on you choices they are pretty much simular to what i have in mind too! keep us informed! ps will your shoes be both on the same last stle or 2 different shapes also didi you keep true to the pics with the colors and leathers too? Told them I wanted them just as they appear in the samples, except...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy HEY, HOW ABOUT GOING TO THIS SITE, INSTEAD, STYLE4U... really! (unbelievable!) how do you guys find this stuff?
Finally had my appoinment with G&G (Tony and Dean, that is). They're both pretty young, 34 and 36, respectively, and as earnest and hungry to succeed as two young entrepreneurs should be. They were set up in a suite in the elegant Huntington Hotel on San Francisco's Nob Hill (nice touch). The main room was overflowing with shoes of all types and dozens of leather swatches. They also had a laptop containing a portfolio of all of Tony's EG bespoke designs (yet, another...
Quote: Originally Posted by Newton Nice pick up LAron Thanks, from one keen eye to another.
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