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I wear 'em all the time. I have different colors: tobacco, chocolate, medium brown and olive. They are truly classic, in my view.
They've really upgraded their website; has anyone seen it lately? Very cool!
You've made my day!
In my experience, a Chicago shine is really something to talk about. They seem to be the most conscientious shoe shiners of any city. So, I'm not surprised we've actually now devoted a thread to the Chicago shine.
They are far and away my favorite ties, and have been for almost 20 years. While I like my Charvets and Kitons just fine, and even enjoy quite a number of RLs and T&As, none compare to Hermes.
Go for it. Brown is an outstanding suit color, and you'll be surprised by how versatile it is. If you want it to be timeless, I'd stay away from fashion forward or trendy features, like the narrow lapels. But, to each his own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II +1, a little too 'high-fashion' for my taste Add another voice to the "too forward" camp.
Thanks VR.
Big rings.
The G&G bespokes are such a cut above everything else I own that, considering how many pairs of shoes I already own, I think I'm spoiled for bespoke and will try to stick to that going forward. It will mean fewer shoes, but a pair a year is about all I'd need. (Funny, but I think your avator might enjoy my monks.)
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