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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I think this would look great. I'm sure Lesser makes a standard PoW. EDIT: Nevermind, I don't think this is a PoW. If it is, a very subdued one. Looks like he's carrying a harmonica in his left pocket. (Anyone ever see him jam with Dylan?) And what about having the lower button buttoned -- isn't that something of a faux pas?
Has anyone experienced Henry Maxwell's bespoke shoes? I've seen a very nicely designed pair but haven't heard much about them. (They don't appear in any of the shoe posts or porn pics.)
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe i still dream about these shoes I now have these shoes. (See post #2454)
Thanks Will.
I like aportnoy's suedes, and believe the G&G full brogue last, in suede, would really look spectacular. But, as I say, my experience is that suede tends not to wear well over time; at least not for the price of bespoke. No one's yet commented on the v-front derby (particularly in suede). Thoughts?
Is it a good look (the way the Italians carry it)?
Anticipating my upcoming appointment with Tony G., I'm debating whether to get the chocolate full brogue (first item in the "customer bespoke" section of their website) or the v-front derby in chocolate suede (shown in the "bespoke sample" section of the site, although I'd get it in a tie up or monk version, not with gusseted sides). Historically, I have not been a fan of full brogues, but G&G's model is quite handsome. For what occasion are full brogues most...
Nice! Best looking double-monks I've ever seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by jmh What maker on these, please? Three pair tobaccos: Harris V front (for Barney's), EG brogues w/medallion (for Paul Stuart), Crockett and Jones tassel loafers (for Barney's). Two pair chocolates: Hermes split toe (by JL), Ferragamo cap toes. Two pair medium brown: Church's cap toe. One pair olive: Ferragamo Tremezzas. Pics previously posted in Shoe Porn thread.
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