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Ahhhh, the day is worth living!
Very nice, Panzeraxe.
Rock solid choice, Harrydog. They're aboslutely beautiful. Wear in good health.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha some other interesting pics Ron Nice, lc. Thanks.
Where are you being fitted? Are they here in the States?
For some, you're probably right. I would prefer a bit less of the full-on bleach effect. The design of the shoe itself is striking enough, with the amount of fading being just icing on the cake -- some prefer more icing, some less.
Thanks for the lesson and history, bengal-stripe.
Thanks for cluing me in Panzeraxe!
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha now i like this one alot i think it has a lot of character Actually, this is the pair I'm hoping to get; or one similar (this one's just a bit too antiqued).
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia They've been folded into Fosters. Apparently the Maxwell brand is used now only for old customers who have followed over (with their lasts) and country/riding gear. Has the change in ownership changed the product offering? Do they visit the U.S.?
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