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Actually, it was teddieriley's cap toe Hayes that inspired me to seek a similar pair. Already had the v-fronts made (if that's what you mean by "diamond"), in vintage pine (bespoke).
I'm meeting with Dean on April 10 to discuss a pair of black MTOs; probably a cap toe version of the Hayes (as someone recently posted).
Both are bespoke. The suedes are "mocca" buck suede and the loafers are, indeed, vintage oak (good call teddie).
When is this supposed to happen? (I'm eyeing a second pair of Grants, which are already up to $1,300 from the $900 I paid when I bought my first pair just two years ago.) Another increase ??? yikes!
I'm also a longstanding Hermes pochette collector and devotee; have about two dozen, give or take.
Is it that same hottie from back in the early days of this thread, lighting the ciggy? As the inimical Borat would say, "she's a niiiiiiiiiice!"
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I like Gary Cooper, his movies, and certainly he is to be commended for dressing well. That said, I would not put him in the top ten best dressed either. First of all, he is tall and lanky, which is about 70% of "dressing well", and that's genetics. Secondly, one rarely sees in any non-gray color. I think Cooper dressed "safe", and the fact that he looks so good has more to do with his physique and physical good...
"Every little thing she does is magic, every thing she says just turns me on . . ." Rock the house, Moni!
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