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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Mine is so long that my 60" tape measure cannot measure it. I would estimate that it is 63" or 64". Is this deliberate? Did the knitter just zone out and knit on auto pilot for while? Or was this tie made for the real Lurch? One word: Tiecrafters.
Who or what is GVH?
The photos are a nice travel essay, and temporarily transport viewers away from their work-a-day lives. But, I have yet to see a single person I'd say exemplified any type of recognizable "style." Keep 'em coming.
Nice. Those are the first pairs of double-monks I've ever seen that I'd actually wear.
My own G&G last, and EG 888.
Love 'em (collar pins, that is). Wear a few times a month.
It is the smart square (and yes, they're both bespoke). Thanks, all, for the kind compliments. Quote: Originally Posted by designprofessor Ron, is that a standard toe shape they used on the suede shoe? Is it the smart square?
For me as well, which is why I'm going MTO this time 'round. (If the current exchange climate continues, as I fear it will -- at least for the better part of the remainder of this year -- I suspect we'll hear of and see fewer bespoke orders being made this year).
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew Just in case this isn't a typo, isn't Dean in LA on April 8? --Andre Quite right, Andre. (I spoke without consulting my calendar.)
I absolutely love 'em. They're the same design as luk-cha's avatar, but in a loafer.
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