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I purchased this at Saks because I fell in love with it, but I find I like using a money clip more often. Original tags and box are included. MSRP $295, which I paid. : ( I'm firm on price, as it includes shipping and has only been used a handful of times. It is gorgeous.
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Dress Shoes Brown 9.5D Gently worn Just cleaning up the closet. Price includes US shipping. Sold
Now $150. This still has the tags.!!
Reduced. $78 shipped for all three.
$180 shipped
Reduced to $180 shipped
I like it.
Brand new. I just need one with wheels. Purchased at Saks. Tumi Slim Deluxe Portfolio Black leather MSRP $445 Price is $150 shipped US.
I picked this up, but I need to get a wheeled briefcase instead. Zipper pulls are still covered. New with tags. Tumi Slim Deluxe Portfolio Black Napa Leather MSRP $445.00 Reduced to $180 shipped! Price includes US shipping.
Prices reduced.
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