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this is interesting...can you confirm that these are actually manufactured by Champion and they're not just licensing their name to a 3rd-party manufacturer here in the US? i'd be surprised if Champion still owns any production facilities stateside.
these are close: are a good bit cheaper, but quality is right up there
it's also his right as an american to give his opinion of the sales tactics of someone else...if we're talking about the hierarchy of what's "american"free speech >>>>>> free market
Apologies for crappy ipod pics... smoke jumper...swing last, natural cxl, vibram half sole
the pair i ordered in august arrived after 8 weeks
i suggest directing these questions at baker's if you haven't done so already...they're pretty helpful
crescent on sale here:
do the t's have a side seam in the torso or are they traditional tubular construction?
thanks...i can see that they wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely love them, and they are extremely comfortable to boot...pun intended
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