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Just out of curiosity, how many men here are gay, and how many are straight? I have absolutely NOTHING against gay people, but was just rather curious. I am straight.
I would hope to spend less than $800 USD for a good pair, but I can go a little higher if need be.
How do you guys feel about men wearing boots? What kind of boots? Ankle boots? Calf Boots? Jeans tucked in, or over? Just curious... What do you guys think of these specific boots? http://www.barneys.com/Motorcycle%20...efault,pd.html
i have a macbook pro and it is phenominal. pros: - very fast - never EVER freezes like pc's do (no more CRTL-ALT-DELETE) - for $300 plus/minus you can get a 3 year extended warrenty and if ANYTHING goes wrong, they will fix your computer or give you a new one. doesnt matter if you caused the problem -they plain look bad ass -tons of shortcuts and quick keys on the OS - no firewalls or security things needed. they never crash. i download a TON of music, movies,...
i dont have much luck at thrift stores but i once picked up a j. lindeberg track jacket for $10 USD
I have found shirts from Modern Amusement to be very well fitted. Also they are quite cheap, running about $120.
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