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I think the hair is great. The clothes aren't my style, but there's nothing wrong with them, but I do think there are too many lines though. The jeans aren't too my tastes either.
I don't think your hair is long or sloppy at all. It looks pretty short and tidy to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 This is the worst trend i have seen in a long time. I thought this was the style forum, not the trend forum. High tops are skinny jeans look amazing, and very stylish. And this a trend forum, everybody here is following some sort of fashion trend, even if it isn't a mainstream trend.
I have several Insight products, they are very well made with good attention to detail in my experience.
Why are they pretty well disliked? They seem perfectly fine to me.
Both perform vital services to the public, they should be lauded, yet people who are jealous of their intellect and qualifications mock them.
Owen or Patrick for a boy, McKenzie or Emerson for a girl.
I say unless your attending a formal event dressed in a suit, never tuck anything in unless your over 50.
I think Ksubi are horifically overpriced. If you look carefully you can find cool quality sunglasses without the markup for under $40, though they won't be a name brand if that's what your looking for ...
not all always, quite often all your paying for with expensive clothes is a huge mark up - $$$ doesn't always equal better quality.
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