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Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Like showering with Queen Elizabeth! now THAT"s a blurb.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle does anyone have a pic of the locker loop on the jacket though? id like to see really how much it stands out does anyone like those locker loops? they seem gimmicky.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I cut off the end of the line because the full monty seemed a bit much. you mean, because it sounds a bit bizarre?
for some reason, and in willful disregard of the location clearly printed under your avatar, i've always assumed you were in London! i was even thinking, "would Mad Men really fly him over for this?"
you guys who eat one meal a day--i don't know how you do it. i eat two piece of toast with butter and jam, yogurt with a banana and a little granola, and tea every morning for breakfast, and i'm ravenous by lunch.
i see the reasoning behind the five-meals idea, but, as mmkn and others have noted, it ignores social aspects of eating--not just the fun of going out with folks, but also the social significance of sitting down to a real meal with family, or a partner, once a day. (come to think of it, i guess i do eat five times a day--or six. i usually have a tiny mid-morning snack like raisins or rice crackers, and i always have tea and a cookie around 2. then often some cheese or...
Hanker, can you tell me the measurement at the cuff on the 31-waist light khaki pair? i know it can vary, depending on the model. thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker "stand in middle of cobblestone street, wait." that was my favorite line too.
much prefer the colors and play of patterns in A. i'm not required to be well-pressed most of the time, which seems to be the principal appeal of B. fundamentally, A looks dressed for life and movement; B looks dressed for a photograph.
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