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hmm. apart from the result, that process itself demands some consideration, since we'll all know about it. such flagrantly additive embellishment.
so you're thinking of leaving the roll as it is and just adding buttons and buttonholes above and below?
am i right in thinking that the black fleece come only in one set arm length for each neck size? so frustrating ...
keep in mind, some stores will be closed for the first one, two, or three days of the new year ...
is that a wreath in the upper left background?
Tweed My Ride
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 SS Tweedcontrol well, this is one reference i never expected to see in this (or any SF) thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by Gutman What you wear depends on the university .... The navy 2B sounds like the one to go for. Having gone through a similar process recently, I agree with both these sentiments. If you're worried about looking too "corporate" in the blue suit, you can try to moderate it with the shirt, tie, and shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas A very strong +1 to Hazan. Awesome, awesome book. You really don't need another Italian book. i'll add my +1. also, any book by Elizabeth David, to read as well as to cook from. French Provincial Cooking, for instance. And her book on bread is fascinating.
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