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it's a software problem with the benz. the fix takes just 20 minutes at your dealer.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk you're my hero for citing Dirk Bogarde
i like Uniqlo very much for: T-shirts, sport socks, workout clothes, and cheap polos and shorts.
Montesquieu, don't miss the food basements in the department stores. Isetan has a very high-end food basement (there used to be a bar there for sampling single malts; not sure if it's there still). great bakeries there, great traditional Japanese sweets. Toraya (i believe) has a small cafe space in the food basement at Isetan.
let's watch him in his prime, shall we (and wait for Jerry Hall's entrance):
The headlines, roughly translated: Napoli: full-flavored (i.e. rich) suits that give a sense of lightness and polish Roma: a restrained style born in the political capital Firenze: it has a roundness, and lends an elegant atmosphere Milano: an architectural suit with strong shoulders as it's special[ty] (can't see one character)
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I love our magnificent fjords. - B just want to say: it's posts like this that keep me reading.
Elijah Craig 18 YO single barrel
it's the tweed that, living, had no note.
Emily Post, 1922, on the clothes of a gentleman: Quote: The business suit or three-piece sack is made or marred by its cut alone. It is supposed to be an every-day inconspicuous garment and should be. A few rules to follow are: Don’t choose striking patterns of materials; suitable woolen stuffs come in endless variety, and any which look plain at a short distance are “safe,” though they may show a mixture of colors or pattern when viewed closely.\t Don’t...
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