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for some reason, in my high school people favored Sebago Docksiders ...
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix Inspiring, as usual. And that tie is lovely.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It is very ivy league with a vast array of brillliant minds making difficult for a silent majority of Sfers to participate to certain debates without showing their ignorance. you have some evidence of this?
and most prevalent on SF.
"how many chukkas would a woodchukka chuck ..."
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl +1 How can you put out a good magazine when everyone pays for their inclusion? Sounds stupid actually. American mags may be (just a bit) less overt about it, but i can't believe there remains much of a "wall" between advertising sales and editorial. Just look at the labels they regularly feature in photo spreads (and those they don't).
by far, Men's Ex is the best combination of useable and aspirational (at least for us small-timers). Japanese Esquire was interesting, but is no longer published, i believe (?). Another Japanese mag, PEN, publishes thick biennial special issues on men's fashion--with the emphasis on "fashion." I find Leon cartoonish, but fun. also, the fashion pages in Monocle are usually good, but too few.
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are all the ties in this rotation intended for four-season use? won't you have some summer ties and some winter ties?
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