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thanks for the recommendations, guys. clarinetplayer, i think i know the shop you're talking about. and jchosko, i passed that place the other day. looked promising.
thanks for the tip, mdg.
wondering if anyone can recommend an alterations tailor in the ann arbor area for fairly straightforward alterations to some jackets. any suggestions much appreciated.
Can anyone recommend a good tailor in the Ann Arbor area? BTW, I've spent some time here in "A2" recently, and it seems to have quite a lively restaurant scene.
i have an old pair of BB grey flannels with an absurdly high rise. When I wear them, i look a little like TE Lawrence:
can i piggyback onto this thread? I'm also looking for a Seiko 5 (or possibly a Spirit) that would work with a leather strap, but I'm looking for a white face. Any suggestions welcome. Also, can people recommend a trustworthy on-line source for Seiko? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat I wondered about that. It's always been used by people who need to keep their tie out of the way and it looks a little silly with a vest, which would serve that purpose anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del the Sart's comments I also love the military tie-tuck, that's something we just don't see enough of these days[/i] this comment baffled me. did we use to see it so much? when? do we really need to see it more?
khaki shorts or madras with black beef roll loafers, sockless, used to be a standard look. check out Take Ivy. and call off the gender police.
To refine the question a bit: in what color is the polo most generic? maroon? royal blue? navy? hunter green? (and i'm not saying these are BAD colors ...) edit: by the way (and perhaps Vox can appreciate this, if he ever flies commercial airlines), when changing planes at an airport, i can sense that I've found the connecting flight to Boston by the preponderance of maroon, navy, and hunter green.
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