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Lance, thanks for the suggestions. I'm lefthanded too, and i had never thought about pocket placement, but now you've got me thinking. Can you tell me why a split mitered yoke is better?
[quote=Arrogant Bastard;3518370]Tattersal and gingham are wholly appropriate for BD shirts. In fact, there are some who would go so far as to say that gingham or tattersal should only be made into BDs, being somewhat casual patterns when compared to most. QUOTE] Thanks again, AB; just what i wanted to hear. after browsing their webpage, i've got a list of about 30 checks i like. must. exercise. self-control. and thanks for the info on poplin, abner.
thanks for the advice, guys. I don't really like the look or the feel of royal oxford, but i will definitely consider the pinpoint oxfords. and thanks for the note on twill, AB; i was wondering just that--whether it was an odd choice for BD shirts. one more thing: are there limits on the sort of patterns traditionally made up with a BD collar? i'm not planning anything outre--maybe tattersall or gingham check. forgive me if this is a silly question!
"O Elders, fleet and strong and wise ..." Have an appt coming up with MyTailor, my first go at order-made shirts. I want to order button-downs in some semi-solids (fine stripe, small check). I want a fabric a bit less stiff than oxford cloth (I have several OCBDs) but still with some body (nothing too "silky"). Thomas Mason twills for example: would that suit? I'd appreciate any advice on the best or most appropriate material for this sort of shirt. Thanks in advance!
i don't understand why so many women wear black to a wedding. but people are clueless today. a few years ago, i had to tactfully suggest to a friend of mine, who was serving as a maid of honor and responsible for picking out her own dress, that she not wear WHITE--especially since the bride herself wasn't planning to.
Mind you, it's all relative, isn't it. I've heard people in San Diego complain on certain days about the "humidity."
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria it did get to a very humid 100 degrees in Boston this July. We had a bit of a heat wave in the Northeast. Let me second TokyoDandy. I grew up in greater Boston and lived for several years in Japan, and I don't think there's any comparison. Tokyo, Osaka, and especially Kyoto are so humid in the summer that, just walking down the street, you feel as though you're swimming. When I lived there, I would go...
forgive me for not paging back through the entire thread, but can someone tell me, isn't there a filson tote with a zip top?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Not telling.. Just saying.. PG, just killed about an hour enjoyably, paging through your "brog." really well done, entertaining mix of images.
thanks for the advice, jb. i'll check out Vahan's. expanding the topic a bit, has anyone eaten at Eve restaurant? i'm trying to decide where to eat out this weekend (the other contenders are Logan and Barge). wondering if eve is worth the premium.
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