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You might want to try Beams--the one in Marunouchi, Ginza, or the Beams F boutique in Harajuku. Or one of the department stores, especially Isetan Men's in Shinjuku, which has a wide selection.
Thanks, Full Canvas. and for the initial recommendation. I'll head over there. I've had this jacket for a while now, but seldom wear it because the length bothers me ...
i want some of those scrambled eggs this very instant. i think i would add a little cream, though.
I'm thinking of getting a sport jacket shortened. Would he do this sort of alteration? I also have some minor alterations to a suit in mind ...
San Diego Fashion Valley has a men's section. Don't know if they carry these suits tho'.
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy They don't seem to do that anymore. That's sad. That discounting system was the whole point of FB. the thrill of finding something that had made it to third markdown, or to "charity"!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I had meatloaf for the first time in probably 25 years at FCI family meal about a month ago. It was great. There must be something in the air. I haven't eaten meatloaf since I was a kid. Two weeks ago, I was suddenly inspired to make one. Very standard recipe. It was delicious both warm and, next day, cold.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt They look like Borrelli to me. [sigh] They would be ...
Quote: Originally Posted by jcriswel I love the roll on those button down collars. I haven't seen a roll that good since the sixties. Where did you get those shirts? +1.
Thanks. Yeah, I couldn't believe my luck. But I spent about 20 minutes wandering around, debating whether to buy a more expensive, less versatile pair, before I found the special AE sale rack with my PAs.
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