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isn't it at least possible that someone in the TF store is following this discussion?
this year, i'm trying a recipe from the Nov. issue of Saveur: a cranberry relish with orange peel, jalapeno, spices, and port. You quickly roast the cranberries first. i cut the sugar in half.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro Buta no kakuni with mochi Yum. a lower-key T-day than in past years. Usually roast a whole turkey: braised turkey thighs fruit and bread stuffing (although i guess now its "dressing") squash and turnip casserole broccoli raab cranberry and jalapeno relish parker-house rolls a triple-creme cheese from Mt Tam ("from the redwood forests ...") Three Philosophers Belgian-style ale from NY state ("... to the...
Glenrothes single Speyside. With dinner, Otokoyama sake, from Hokkaido; really nice.
saw her cabaret show, oh, about 16 or 17 years ago. she gave it her all; really entertaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Who makes a nice OTR, non BD shirt with a soft collar? Preferably with a slimmish fit, a medium spread collar and barrel cuffs. this is exactly what I want. I'm thinking of going to mytailor. If I might tag a question onto this thread: is it possible/advisable to ask for an unfused interlining?
You might want to try Beams--the one in Marunouchi, Ginza, or the Beams F boutique in Harajuku. Or one of the department stores, especially Isetan Men's in Shinjuku, which has a wide selection.
Thanks, Full Canvas. and for the initial recommendation. I'll head over there. I've had this jacket for a while now, but seldom wear it because the length bothers me ...
i want some of those scrambled eggs this very instant. i think i would add a little cream, though.
I'm thinking of getting a sport jacket shortened. Would he do this sort of alteration? I also have some minor alterations to a suit in mind ...
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