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also, in the photos above isn't what astaire is wearing a costume, to some degree?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicholas I beg to differ. Astaire's sleeves looks pretty much on par with the aforementioned photo. but he's as thin as a rail. and his pants are full.
Quote: Why not do the trou too? Now he looks big on top, narrow on bottom. +1
Let me second BEAMS, especially the BEAMS+ boutiques, which carry a lot of stuff produced in collaboration with classic US makers (including Alden, Woolrich, Lee, etc.). Also keep an eye out for great New Balance models unavailable in the US; you can find them at small shops in Shibuya and Daikanyama, as well as in J Press and other brands' boutiques within the high-end department stores.
just wanted to pop in and commiserate. i've been shopping in vain for a solid blue 36R (I'm 5'7", 135). are there *really* so few customers in these sizes?
I am facing the same decision. I recently bought a pair of flat-front, slightly narrow, pin-cord trousers (on VERY deep discount). I am inclined not to get cuffs. I know cuffs are popular here on all sorts of pants (or that cuff proponents are more vocal); why? Do you all think it visually lengthens the leg? That the additional weight gives a better line to the pant-leg? That the sartorial detail adds elegance?
Quote: Originally Posted by sartort AB got to within eyesight of TF and chickened out and didn't go in. ... but i thought a whole posse was headed over there?
The suspense!
^I think someone on another thread identified this as Michael Bastian ... edit: out-typed
Quote: sure it is. do you work there? No! connected in no way.
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